PokerStars Brings Virtual Reality Poker Out in 2018

PokerStars are definitely at the forefront of all technological and poker innovation. There is a lot to admire when it comes to this particular operator. They have been doing excellent job of keeping poker vibrant and going. True, there are some bugbears that need to be addressed and not all of the innovation has been a stroke of genius exactly. Then again, PokerStars seems inexhaustible in attempting to keep its customers satisfied and no small part amazed.

Enter the Virtual Reality Hallways

PokerStars is about to enter the era of virtual poker. This is no joke. The official launch is scheduled at some point in 2018. In a blog post, one of the largest poker operators in the world has decided to shed extra light on the upcoming game! What stands out first is that the game is free to play. And, if we are to believe the PokerStars official press release, it’s also visually stunning.

Yes, there is the fact that everything in the game is quite elusive indeed, but while the world may be a digital hologram, the simple fact is it feels very much alive. You can handle your cards and chips just as you would normally do.

PokerStars has pointed out to the immersive qualities of the game and highlighted the fact that it is a particularly exotic experience. The website said that some of the settings will truly wow clients, with Macau 2050 and Monte Carlo yacht set as the main environments where the action is taking place.

Good News for the Community

The game is still undergoing beta with the no-limit hold’em multiplayer version being the title in the works. Unfortunately, it’s a closed beta and users are not allowed to participate still.

However, extensive testing of the product will be needed and PokerStars is likely to add more people to its army of testers. As you can imagine, there are already users who have been lucky enough to work on the version. Nearly 100-odd players are testing the game through Oculus, Rift, HTC Vive, and Steam (the most common platforms that allow VR experience & Play).

After the closed beta has been done, a public beta may be briefly available, although PokerStars seem quite confident to kick off with their virtual reality product so that they can garner the greatest possible following.

PokerStars is not beating around the bush either. The website will come with intuitive controls and voice commands that will allow everyone to benefit from technology in fullest without having a single thing to worry about.

Virtual Reality to Beat the Alternatives

Casinos may have their live studios, but bringing VR to poker definitely outstrips what’s presently on the market when it comes to pure choice. The authentic experience may even make it so that even non-poker lovers would like to give a game a go. And why wouldn’t they? PokerStars have been quite active in expanding their portfolio and business operations, notably with the addition of Sky Betting.

The entire iGaming and poker industry have been trying to bring the most authentic experience around their customers’ homes. It’s finally happening and PokerStars are at the very helm of it.

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