PokerStars and Jason Somerville Team Up

PokerStars continues to make new moves with ambassadors and sponsorships for festivals. Their latest deal is with a new partnership.

Jason Somerville will be working with PokerStars to Grow Twitch Poker. Twitch Poker is really going to happen according to the news statements.

Details of the New Partnership

Somerville is a face that is recognized on Twitch. He has been streaming for years and is an expert in building brands. He has expanded what he covers and offers, such as live poker events. For example, Run It Up Reno is one of the tournaments he is often streaming. Several poker studio launches have occurred this year like Aria and PokerGo. Even the Luxor eSports Arena has launched a poker channel. Run It Up Studios was the only one that was not associated with a casino.

Run It Up Studios does not cover live tournaments, but it is going to start offering behind the scenes fun in the world of poker. Somerville said as a Twitch producer for years, he has learned quite a few lessons on what to do and not do. He is going to use those lessons, resources, and build a company that will help other streamers become as successful as he has been. His Twitch dream is going to become a reality.

Poker is the springboard to make it happen. He thinks it is going to help open doors for other people who are trying to launch their Twitch channels. Twitch head, Farhan Ahmed, spoke about the new platform. He said there is nothing greater than learning the community is going to grow and the health of poker on his creation is something he looks forward too.

Jason Somerville at the heart of the project is going to make it a success. Run It Up Studios is already up and running in Las Vegas. It has full-purpose production options for Twitch streams. It is also producing a full lineup of PokerStars content, which is part of the new deal.

The team at the studio is going to assist in getting content for YouTube, as well as offer expert moderators to help with those who wish to stream. Anyone streaming will have one-on-one help. Twitch extensions will let viewers see the previous hands, and polls. They will also get to keep up with live tournament action as they have the time.

Twitch may have been around a while, but it is moving into a new sector.

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