PokerNation Gains Mercury Poker

PokerNation is part of Essel Group, and the company has just purchased Mercury Poker. Mercury Poker was a rival, but no longer. PokerNation is an Indian operated a casino, which has a developed following in India and other nations.

Mercury Poker’s Pranav Bathija, the CEO, told players to expect the site to redirect them to PokerNation. The announcement was made on February 13, 2018. The CEO also stated customers should not expect any issues, but rather a smooth transition to the new website.

Both companies are working to make the switch as simple as possible for their clients to ensure that the experience is not in any way upsetting. Starting on Thursday, Mercury Poker clients will have access to PokerNation using their username and password that was set up with Mercury Poker. The balances on the accounts are all being transferred, as well as any loyalty points that were earned. If there are any bonuses still in play by players, they are also being sent to PokerNation.

PokerNation Company Details

PokerNation began in May of 2016. The company is a part of Essel Group, which is a subsidiary of Fortuity Gaming. The idea behind the acquisition of Mercury Poker is to help online poker expand through more of India. The interesting detail is that Mercury Gaming Solutions, which operated Mercury Poker, is shown as an Essel Group company. It does leave one with the question as to whether the acquisition was much more than transferring information from one website to another, as a way to shut down one domain.

Mercury Gaming and Fortuity Gaming have the same address, even before the acquisition was made. Both companies also incorporated at the same time, with the same promoters and directors.

In February 2017, Mercury Gaming was considered part of the Essel Group by Mojo Games, a Canadian company. Mojo Games was going to partner with Essel Group to build a network of poker players creating a B2B setup with India.

However, Bathija said there was no connection with Mercury Poker and Essel and that they have always been separate companies. Mercury Poker also did not follow through with the Mojo Games partnership. They chose to go with Microgaming’s Indian Poker Network.

What it all means for players already established on Mercury Poker—is that they will not have to worry about accessing their favorite games or changing their information because it is all accessible from PokerNation’s website.

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