Poker Masters’ Schedule for September Released

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The Poker Masters’ schedule is freshly available. We will see the festival take place from September 6 through September 13 and one of the highlights of the competition will be the $10,000 Short Deck Hold’em event. Let’s find out more about the upcoming well-received poker action.

Short Deck and the World of Poker

Short Deck Hold’em has been gaining quite the reputation for itself. The event has been adopted by the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series where after some initial doubts, the game is forming to be the dominant poker variant.

Poker professionals are pricking their ears and coming to realize that a new game has arrived on the block and it may be time to learn its ins and outs. Ms Konnikova, an accomplished novice-turned-professional, has been examining the game with the diligence you may expect from an academic such as herself.

The Short Deck will be joining the Poker Masters on September 10, making its first tentative step into a new event and revealing itself to an audience and player base that may not have experienced the game in the past.

With the arrival of Short Deck to the Poker Masters meet-up one thing is painfully clear, though. As one of the most-loved festivals out there, it’s obvious that the hosts want to help establish Short Deck as the new dominant version of poker.

Held at the ARIA Resort & Casino, the event will reunite what could be thousands of people. If you cannot attend in person, that’s no reason to despair, as everything will be streamed exclusively on PokerGo, which has provided coverage to some of the most noteworthy events in the history of poker at all.

Taking a Look at the Schedule

Now that the event’s schedule has been announced, the 2018 Poker Masters PokerGO Tournament event is all set to go. We will see many and varied events, and notably:

  • Event #1: No Limit Hold’em – $10,000 – September 6
  • Event #2: No Limit Hold’em – $25,000 – September 7
  • Event #3: No Limit Hold’em – $25,000 – September 8
  • Event #4 Short Deck No Limit Hold’em – $10,000 – September 10
  • Event #5: No Limit Hold’em – $25,000 – September – 11
  • Event #6: No Limit Hold’em – September 12 – $25,000
  • Event #7: No Limit Hold’em – $50,000 – September 13

Short Deck has already been trending with Jason Koon managing a victory in Montenegro, grabbing the respectable $3.6 million in the process. It has been a much-touted achievement, which definitely has helped bring the Short Deck to the attention of the public, professionals and spectators alike.

The participation of Justin Bonomo is also expected. With the staggering odd $25 million, Bonomo is the player with the most all-time earnings in his career, but he is far from done with poker. The Poker Masters competition will definitely reveal more plump opportunity for him to add to this amount.

Meanwhile Short Deck has been endorsed by ARIA Director of Poker Operations Sean McCormack who expects that this version of the game could be its future. As the buzz and excitement around the Short Deck grow, so do the events that feature it.

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