Poker Central Wants to Pull Twitch Subscribers Over to PokerGO

Video streaming is one of the most popular services available today; if you don’t believe me look at the rise of YouTubers and other social media superstars. Poker Central seeks to capitalize this and has entered into an agreement with Amazon’s streaming platform Twitch. The purpose behind this new collaboration between Poker Central and Amazon is Poker Central’s desire to convert subscribers to Twitch into followers of PokerGO during the World Series of Poker or WSOP.

The Free Footage Issue

Members of the poker world have been blessed with the vast majority of content from poker tournaments being uploaded online for all to view at no charge, the advent of live streaming simply enhanced this experience for many the world over. However, the experience of live streaming for the viewers might be painless but the actual organizations hosting the events were struggling.

As viewership increased and gaming providers struggled to remain seen, the pressure and cost mounted to use professional camera crews, production teams and the like, with few companies finding avenues to relieve the financial burden. But a light has presented itself nonetheless. Last year, in May Poker Central, ESPN and the WSOP came together to live stream the WSOP in ways that it had never been shown before.

Poker Central also decided to showcase parts of the WSOP footage from 2017 on their channel PokerGO, a video subscription service that functions similar to Netflix or Twitch. Currently, PokerGO is extremely affordable, offering their collection at $10 per month or $8 per month if the full year’s fee is paid at once. But that may all be changing.

Late last week, Poker Central released news that they would be adding even more footage of the WSOP to PokerGO with exclusive commentary of the cards during the games with Ali Nejad, Lon McEachern and Norman Chad during the WSOP. Moreover, Poker Centrals deal with Amazon will now allow 31 of the events in the WSOP and 25 of the exclusive end games to be shown on Twitch.

The Game Plan Unpacked

However, if you haven’t realized it yet, Twitch is free – so why on earth would Poker Central want to give away something for free if it has a paid for site? The connection between Twitch and PokerGO will be linked through not only advertisements and mentions within the content, but also due to the fact that certain exclusive content will only be available on PokerGO. And a little taste on Twitch will be enough to send the fans sprawling on over, credit cards at the ready to PokerGO.

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