Plenty of Entertainment in eSports for the Weekend

Overwatch League is in a week break, but that does not mean eSports fans cannot find entertainment. Games are going on including Rainbow Six Siege, Halo 5, and Dragon Ball Fighter Z. For anyone who wants to watch or comment, it is possible to observe these competitive gaming events online.

League of Legends

The League of Legends had a match on Saturday, February 17, 2018, which aired at 5 pm. It was a match between Counter Logic and Team Liquid. There was also another game at 9 pm between Golden Guardians and OpTic Gaming. If that was not enough on Sunday, TSM and Clutch Gaming had a match at 3 pm, with a conclusion match between OpTic and FlyQuest set for 7 pm/ If you missed any of the games, you could find the highlights online.

Rainbow Six Siege

The Invitational for Rainbow Six Siege occurred this weekend, which is the beginning of the next season for this game. The semifinals happened on Sunday at 1 pm, with a follow up second semifinal game at 4 pm. Sunday’s play concluded with an all-star match between the two winning teams.

Halo 5 Tournament

Halo has been a favorite game for a decade, with new releases hitting the market and more players working to become good enough for the tournaments. Halo 5 tournament started on Saturday, with a $50,000 prize pool available in the April championship. It will be a world championship tournament. For the opening game, the grand final happened on Sunday at 5 pm.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Ball is top Japanese Anime and game, which has undoubtedly gained ground as a fighting game in the eSports arena. In Southern California, a tournament debuted this weekend with the Dragon Brawl event. Matches concluded Saturday night, but again the replays are available online.

If you are suffering from Overwatch withdrawal since it began the week break, consider Fiesta Bowl. UC Irvine and UCSD had a game Saturday, which was followed by UC Berkeley and Toronto. The grand finale concluded late Saturday evening so that you can catch the highlights.

eSports is gaining ground with multiple tournaments happening on the weekends, whether it is the Rocket League Championship series or Overwatch. eSports fans will want to keep tuned in to see what may happen next weekend, or perhaps just catch up on what they missed now that the weekend is over. Whatever your game, there is bound to be a match for it.

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