Phil Hellmuth is Joining the World of Crypto

Phil Hellmuth is a name most poker fans recognize right away. He has made a name for himself on the World Series of Poker tours that make you want to know exactly what he is up to now and whether you need to be watching those moves. Something important is happening between Phil Hellmuth and Brett Richey. Brett asked his friend for a little help with his blockchain promotion, using Poker Brat to get the idea launched.

The request was to have Phil Hellmuth be the poker pro that is helping people recognize Poker Brat’s blockchain. Hellmuth has a deal that involves BlitzPredict, where he will be an advisor. BlitzPredict is a portal on a blockchain, which scans several markets in the industry of gambling. These markets include eSports, sports betting, and cryptocurrency, among others. The information will come to one location and help find the best prices in any of the various marketplaces, so gamblers know what wagers to place.

The idea is to give gamers the best deal they can find, with regards to making money. Phil Hellmuth is reportedly extremely busy with his ambassador role and being an advisor for YouStake.

A Little Background

For those who may have forgotten or just learned the name Hellmuth, Phil has fourteen WSOP bracelets. He also has two books in print, an autobiography, and an amazing revenue of $21 million in live action poker games.

His fan base is just a large as his income from poker, which is probably derived from his personality. He is a down to earth fellow that is not afraid to share his knowledge. When you look at YouStake, Hellmuth is listed as a professional player. This is an important note since Chris Hunichen, another world-renowned player, who won $2.8 million is listed under expert with regards to investor relations and strategic partnerships.

Brett Richey is another name you should recognize for more than his blockchain investment. He was in the poker scene from 2005 to 2015. It was three years ago he decided to leave poker to start BlitzPick and go a different direction with his earnings in the World Series of Poker. Richey earned $1.4 million and two-second places at the World Series of Poker.

BlitzPredict is releasing as a beta application in April 2018, with a full launch later in the year. It has also gained an initial coin offering investment of a few million.

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