Personal Branding for PartyPoker with Monika Zukowicz

PartyPoker ambassadors include Philipp Gruissem, Isaac Haxton, and Monika Zukowicz. PartyPoker has achieved a lot in the last year, mainly adding ambassadors to be the face of the company and help bring the website into the top revenue producing role it holds. The ambassadors are helping with the company endeavors by ensuring that people have someone they can associate with the brand. But, it was not always working in the way PartyPoker needed it to. Twitch was gaining more of a community of poker faces. PokerStars and 888Poker dominated the forum.

The face that seems to be catching the attention of everyone and finally raising PartyPoker’s bar regarding Twitch is Monika Zukowicz. Monika’s HeyMonia moniker is just one way the gambler and PartyPoker ambassador is helping to keep the brand in the public eye. Her Twitch profile helps more, by offering a stream of video that gives people something they want to see. Her brand is enormous, so it makes sense for PartyPoker to bring her on to the company ambassador list.

Monika is a Poland native, who moved to Malta. She has always owned a business and spent years trying to figure out what type of business would be best. She was already a poker fan and thought perhaps being a professional poker player would be the right move.

Her goal to reach financial security and remain independent, and travel the world is one of the reasons she strives to keep an online business running. In high school, she read a book about women who thought they needed to marry rich to have a wonderful life. She learned how unhappy these women were and she got it in her head that she didn’t want to go the easy path in life. She wanted to have financial independence, and it was up to her to make it.

Her independence is one of the areas of her brand that have a lot of people looking at her success because she is doing it on her own.

PartyPoker Tournaments Worth Millions

Monster Series at PartyPoker with a guaranteed $2.7 million is also happening over the weekend. The online poker room is willing to offer players the option of winning a portion of the prize pool. The games start Sunday, April 29. 2018 and end on May 6th. The buy-ins are affordable, which is one thing that PartyPoker tends to ensure with their various tournaments.

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