Patriots Are the Betting Favorites Against Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles were at the top of its conference as were the New England Patriots of its conference when the two teams strived toward the playoffs. The performance of the two teams was subliminal, therefore, it is not a shock to anyone that the two teams will play against each other at Super Bowl 52, which will be hosted at the U.S. Bank Stadium on the 4th of February.

The Patriots are the current champions and will be at an advantage during the clash against the Eagles as quarterback Carson Wentz is not going to play. Wentz’s absence means that the Patriots are the favorites in the gambling books by five points. Those seeking to place bets on the game are facing a dilemma whether Wentz’s replacement, Nick Foles, will be able to match the performance of Wentz. The other consideration that gamblers for the game will take into account is the ability of the Eagles’ defense to prevent the likes of Tom Brady from scoring.

The Performance of the Patriots

The Patriots has shown its dominance when the team scored a minimum of 14 points against the Tennessee Titans in the second half as well as the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game. The question most are pondering is the chances that the Patriots will be ahead of the Eagles in the first half, as opposed to falling behind and then having to catch up in the second half, the same way the team played against Atlanta Falcons.

The New England Patriots are a favorite at -140, if you bet $140 dollars you win a $100. When the Patriots played the Titans, the team had 21 points going into the second half and only 10 points versus the Jaguars. The Eagles played its games differently. The game against the Falcons saw Eagles behind in the first half by 1 point. In the second half, the Eagles passed the Jaguars and went on to win 15-10.

The statistics of the Eagles are not in the team’s favor to win Super Bowl 52, especially as the Patriots has a better record and players that are able to bring the trophy home.

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