PartyPoker Beats on with MILLIONS in Russia

The LIVE Millions Russia event organized by PartyPoker is still on. After a lot of fat has been trimmed, Philipp Gruissem has managed to make it all the way to Day 2, August 10. Now he will have to face some serious competition from his fellow players. Not to mention that some solid sums have already swapped hands with Aymon Hata clinching adding a title to his name.

Half of Contesters Go Home

Nearly half of all contenders have been trimmed, with the total number of participants reduced from 270 down to 148 standing players. One notable entry was that of Hadi Khordbin who had managed to distinguish himself from the crowd, keeping a healthy stack at the end of the day.

The results were quite telling. Mr. Khordbin ended up with 5,930,000 in terms of stack. And it’s not only that he managed to put himself ahead of the pack. It’s rather the how that matters, with him winning half of that amount in the closing 30 minutes of the competitions. Mr. Khordbin had to play a tough opponent in the face of Vitaly Pankov, a known Russian professional.

But the participation from Mr. Khordbin and Mr. Pankov has not been the only noteworthy action. Looking at the names of standing players and stack leaders, we can discern quite a few that matter:

  • Andrey Tkachenko – 5,000,000
  • Igor Yaroshevskyy – 4,420,000
  • Michael Sklenicka – 4,400,000
  • Igor Ovcharenko – 4,370,000
  • Aleksandr Gofman – 4,050,000

These will be the names defending their pots from each other in what will be an intense poker action.

PartyPoker and the Soaring Popularity of Poker

PartyPoker is not all about making its name look better by coughing up MILLIONS in prize money. The website has been quite generous in dishing out titles. It has added quite a few ambassadors to spread the good word, too!

And the MILLIONS competition in Sochi, Russia has quite a few ambassadors from the website on the grounds, to wit Ludovic Geilich, Dzmitry Urbanovich, and Philipp Gruissem.

Poker ambassadors has been a bit of a trend really. And it’s not as much about making one’s brand known so much as giving it exposure so that investment may follow along with fresh blood in terms of players. The Sochi was also host of the Triton Series’ latest edition.

The recently concluded tournament in Jeju, South Korea, saw a Polish national bag the grand prize in the event.

The Role of Ambassadors in PartyPoker and Beyond

Ambassadors have been tasked with the lofty goal of promulgating poker to others. This explains why Phil Helmuth has never made it as an ambassador or even as a poker caster. Experience is not always tantamount to approach and tact, and poker needs to be cast in a good light.

The game itself merits quite a bit of attention, and it’s surely becoming a more respected sport, appreciated for its sophistication. As MILLIONS rages on in Russia, the ambassadors are here to make sure poker is better-received and treated.

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