PartyPoker and Triton Poker Team Up for Super High Roller

Partypoker ambassadors and partnerships ensure the brand continues its growth for the year. The company announced they are starting a partnership with Triton Poker. PartyPoker Live and Triton are coming together to offer the live millions event.

It is a Super High Roller Series, which will be held in Montenegro on May 12 through the 18th. PartyPoker Live’s president, John Duthie stated Triton is the leader in Super High Roller branding. They are known for putting out some of the largest prize tournaments in the world. They are happy to offer their branding along with an elite festival that will garner the attention of many poker players.

Event Specifics for May

The six-day high roller event will occur at Maestral Resort and Casino in Montenegro, which is near the Adriatic Coast close to Budva. There are four events priced at HK $250k and HK $1 million. In USD this means $32k or $125k is necessary for the entry.

The series is beginning with the $32k Short Deck Ante Only event. It is a two-day event. The highlight of the partnership is the $125k main event that occurs May 15 through May 17.

The other two events are the 6-max for $32k entry, which will happen on May 13, and 14, and the Short Deck Ante Only 1 million event that starts May 17 and ends May 18.

Players can expect some Partypoker Ambassadors to be present at the events to enjoy the action, and help the brand continue its recognition.

Triton is putting in some of the top high roller tourneys, according to Jason Koon, an SHR regular. He enjoys playing with the folks who come to the short deck tournaments, as well as how the events are organized.

Ike Haxton is another regular at the SHR events and is a Partypoker Ambassador. He is looking forward to the Main Event and 6-Max. A part of the fun is getting to go new places. Haxton said he has never played in Montenegro and looks forward to being able to enjoy the games and the area.

Plenty of players are already talking about the big battle and the guaranteed winnings. It will be possible to keep up with the players during the live events, from various news resources, including live feeds. For those who want to know who is winning in 2018, it will be easy to get updates.

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