Paris Contest for eSports and Gaming Start-ups

RockTech Paris occurred last week in Paris, which is an eSports and gaming conference. About 100 participants who want to break into or already work in the gaming and eSports industry showed up.

RockTech Paris is made available through a partnership with Orange and Reed Smith. They have already helped seven startups in eSports, and video games begin. Each of the companies was given three minutes to talk about their business idea. They had to do so in front of an audience, investors, and potential partners like Index Ventures, Riot Games, Orange, Meltdown, and Trust eSport Ventures.

Two of the winners include Hypersuit and Join. Both are from France. Hypersuit’s slogan is “creating ultra-sensational VR gaming technologies.” Join’s is “first data marketing platform to help advertisers optimize eSports media campaigns.”

Hypersuit was named the “best startup” by the all-star jury, which contained Matthiew Dallon. Join won by the democratic voting process through the audience. Both companies were able to win against Gameblr, StriveWire, Matecrate, and Yalla.

Hypersuit is not only a company but named for its product. The Hypersuit prototype is a VR experience that allows a person to feel as if they are flying. It is an immersive experience, but also requires a pretty significant machine to get the weightless effect of flying.

Where They Go From Here

RochTech Paris partners Orange, and Reed Smith will provide mentoring and tickets to the ESI Super Forum. The conference will focus on bringing sports and eSports together. It is hosted in London March 22nd. Hypersuit will also get three months time at Paris and Company, which offers eSports.

The conference saw several top businesses come to answer questions from the audience and potential startups. PandaScore Founder, Flavien Guillocheau came, as well as Nicolas Maurer from Team Vitality. Vitality was recently in the news for getting an investment of 2.5 million euros during the eSports BAR in Cannes. Maurer talked about their employee hiring policy, and that they like to hire from outside eSports, as well as looking towards making eSports more mobile.

Maurer will also speak at the ESI Super Forum for those who might have missed the Paris RochTech event. There are some great startup companies on the horizon for gaming and eSports. The solid pitches offered during last week makes it possible to see what may become gaming and eSports enthusiasts shortly. The jury took their time looking at Hypersuit but does not discount the work from other people.

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