Pachinko Not Suitable for Japan’s Casinos

Japan recently based a bill to allow three casinos to open. A bidding war may start between some of the biggest names in the casino industry now that they have potential access to Japan. There are going to be strict rules when it comes to the casino-resorts. Japanese citizens will have limitations on the number of visits they can make in a month, which sets the casinos up for international visitors more than mass market locals.

Another announcement may also change how locals view the casinos and whether they will still seek out certain gaming parlors that have been available in Japan. Pachinko is not going to be allowed in the new Japanese casinos. Apparently, the game is known for its addictive properties, and lawmakers do not believe it should be a part of the casinos.

The game parlors offering Pachinko have been very popular in Japan for decades, so there is ample evidence that people can be addicted to the game.

Moral Fitness and Pachinko

According to the government, Pachinko is not morally fit to be in a casino. The argument of Takashi Takai, who is part of the Constitutional Democratic Party is an addiction. He believes Pachinko is highly addictive and creates problems in Japan, and since the industry will not protect consumers, he believes Pachinko should not be added to the list of approved games.

Pachinko machines do not provide money directly. The reward is for tickets, which can be traded for money in other locations. Pachinko is a bit of a slot/pinball hybrid, which is gambling and also an amusement type game. Given that casinos are coming, Japan lawmakers are looking at lowering the payouts for Pachinko.

In 2015, Pachinko industry operators dealt with a scandal which involved machine tampering. The government investigated and felt the results are one reason why the game should not be made available in casinos. The National Public Safety Commission stated that they are unable to regulate the machines properly and cut tampering, and it is inappropriate to supervise casinos to ensure that they are monitoring the machines.

Recent months have shown that Pachinko is on its way out of Japan, despite the love of the machines in previous decades. Of the 420 Pachinko cafes, about one out of 25 has closed. Another 177 had to close due to bankruptcy, and 5 percent of the operators in Japan are now closing their doors. There has also been a decline in the game in the millennial era.

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