Pac-12 eSports League Not Happening

The Pacific Alliance of Collegiate Gamers or PACG is supposed to be a Pacific-12 Conference league. There are some students, particularly at the University of Utah who keep playing League of Legends, Rocket League, and Hearthstone putting information on Twitch and other sites about their weeknight fun. They discuss how amazing it would be to put together different schools for eSport competitions and hold a major conference.

The Pacific Alliance of Collegiate Gamers does exist. The first season started for the spring semester with the idea of a tournament in April. However, the PACG was not supposed to form. The Pacific-12 Conference was an idea in 2016. The commissioner, Larry Scott, and others said they would be behind a brand for the Pac-12 and by the end of 2017 start everything. However, the Pac-12 eSports League or whatever it may have been named is not to be. It will not happen the way students hoped.

At first, plenty of news could be found. An article in Compete, a year ago talked about the coming fun. However, the eSports director at the University of Utah now says nothing is happening on that front. The Pac-12 had spoken with game companies and wanted to get licensing deals, but it seems no agreements or sponsorship deals will occur.

University of Arizona Feedback

It seems that at least one University president may be behind the reason the Pac-12 concept is not coming to fruition as it should have. President Ann Weaver Hart wrote out her concerns for why the Pac-12 Conference or eSports league should not exist.

Already there are eSports groups; however, she stated that these groups are having issues with harassment, sexism, and abuse. She also cites that many of the games have sexualized content. She said she would vote no if a proposal for the league came up.

President Ann Hart announced she would end her career at the University at the end of 2018. The PACG members may not have to worry long about their Pac-12 end. If one opposition party is leaving and there is a new one in place that favors the idea, it may get renewed. For now, the PACG students are reeling from the denial of their league concept. Only eleven of the students who proposed the Pac-12 are in the PACG.

They are still trying to gain legitimacy and become recognized as a sport, with sponsorships and more.

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