OW Seoul Dynasty Add Four New Members

Overwatch League franchise Seoul Dynasty

The professional gaming world is in anticipation of Overwatch League Season 2. Teams are reshuffling, and the latest squad to enact changes is the Seoul Dynasty, which has just added three new players and a coach.

Seoul Dynasty Adds Fresh Blood

Overwatch League (OWL) team Seoul Dynasty has made headlines by signing three new players to its roster, reflecting the even more competitive nature of the OWL in the second season. The drafts included Choi “Michelle” Min-hyuk, Hwang “Marve1” Min-seo, and Lee “Jecse” Seung-soo, the organization announced via Twitter and other social media channels.

Along with adding some fresh rank-and-file soldiers, the organization has procured the services on a new coach who will have to prepare the team for what will be one of the most-contested competitive events in the upcoming 2019. Lee “WhyNot” Juh-yeop will try to direct his team to victory.

Amid concerns that burnout has been affecting players’ performance, OWL teams are now agog and looking for solutions. Blizzard have vowed that they will make the format more accommodating but even then, it’s not unlikely for teams to end-up playing back-to-back games.

With the latest three additions, Seoul Dynasty is now officially sporting nine men strong and have complied with the expected new rules of the league, which require a minimum of eight active players.

As to the professional background of the players, Michelle and Marve1 come from Lucky Future Zenith, the team that blasted its way through the Overwatch Contenders League in China in the second season. Meanwhile, the scene in China has been expanding.

As to Jecse, he’s a pronounced support player and a former member of Element Mystic, a Korean power house. Channelling the aptitude of the assistant coach WhyNot will also help the team build towards a brighter future. WhyNot is notably bringing his expertise from MVP Infinity and Q2 Ardeont.

Fixing Up the Past, Looking Towards the Future

Seoul Dynasty are easily one of the most recognizable names of the Overwatch, but they certainly have a lot to work on. In the regular season of the OWL, the managed to place eight, which is definitely far from their desired end-goal.

And while Seoul Dynasty have been restructuring, a lot of good players have been dropped from the team in an attempt to build an esports squad that is capable of performing without sacrificing its performance.

While these changes seem rather important, Seoul Dynasty may come up with even more important changes to its roster, although no such rumors have been confirmed. And yet, the season is ongoing so every team in the OWL can initiate whatever changes they like in preparing for kick-off data on February 14, 2019.

Re-structuring of teams is necessary in OWL, because of the mounting pressure to perform better and to manage and win the best media rights deals. However, players have been experiencing burnout which may need to be addressed sooner than later.

Coaches and top professionals have already said that they must spend much more than the allocated time in order to stay competitive, which in turn means that they also need to bend the rules for healthy and responsible gaming.


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