Overwatch League Saw Tough Competition and a Few Ties

Three essential matches on Sunday may be the talk of the second week of Overwatch League competitions. The first head to head match was between London Spitfire and Los Angeles Valiant. Spitfire won 3 to 2.
Spitfire played a tough game nearly losing the first two maps to Valiant. Valiant also swapped the DPS player Brady Girardi and Ted Wang, almost gaining control points. At the half Valiant was 2 to 0, with Spitfire winning. However, during Game 3, they came back strong. Valiant won game three and game four of the Eichenwalde play.

With a tiebreaker in place, it was necessary to start round five, which is how Spitfire won with 3 to 2. Valiant held the map, but the Widowmaker move by Spitfire crippled Valiants attempts to get the control point during the Lijiang Tower portion of the game. In the end, London won out.

New York and Los Angeles Play

New York Excelsior made a stunning win with 4 to 0 completely taking the Los Angeles Gladiators. The game was held on Saturday with some ups and downs for the Gladiators, but they could not hold up against the New York Excelsior team.

During the tournament, the Gladiators had some luck against Valiant, but Kim Do-Hyeon of Excelsior took the win. Watchers and competition liaisons stated that both teams showed unorganized and undisciplined moves, which undoubtedly led to clear distinctions between the two groups once Excelsior won.

San Francisco and Boston Uprising

Boston Uprising did not fare well against Seoul, and now they have also lost against the San Francisco team Shock. With a 3 to 2 win, Shock took the victory. Early on, Shock had the upper hand, but in the next match, the score became 1 to 1 giving Uprising a look at a possible win. Unfortunately, as the game continued with another 2 to 2 tie, a need for a tiebreaker match presented itself.

Uprising didn’t want to go down without a fight, but it was not enough to pull out every bit of talent during the Eichenwalde stage. Instead, Boston lost to Shock when Babybay switched to Pharah. San Francisco Shock will now face London Spitfire on Wednesday since both teams won during Saturday’s matches. The competition is not over, mainly because Boston Uprising will have a go at Spitfire on Thursday. Both teams will get a little break to work on strategy.

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