OpTic Waves Hello to Fans from the VR Set

Infinite Esports & Entertainment have signed up their eSports powerhouse OpTic Gaming for a partnership with VR developer Sansar in order to bring the next big thing in eSports – the Virtual Reality-slash-Augmented Reality experience.

Embracing VR in Esports

The VR experience will allow The Greenwall fans, as OpTic are commonly referred to, to meet with the team members across the various divisions and also with a fair number of the staff who take care of the day-to-day activities around the training camps of gamers.

Naturally, the partnership is the tip of the iceberg and it’s far from exploring the full potential of what VR can do for eSports. More teams, OpTic Gaming included, have been relying on a more open approach to their fans, asking their players to interact not solely on social media, but also during tournaments.

As a result, the format of the classical eSports competition has become more open. Whilst gamers are still in relative isolation from the crowd, they are also encouraged to mingle after a competition has concluded. The VR solution that OpTic Gaming are now adopting is just a great way to do this. The team members would be able to pop in for a quick session and greet the fans.

Not to say that any unnecessary travelling will be cut down and athletes can focus on private sessions or spending their time as they see fit. While the feed will not be live around the clock, it’s still worth looking into the solution.

VR/AG – How We Do it in the Future

The potential of the VR/AG industry is quite big. And in eSports it has the potential to change things drastically. What if fans could actually enter the field of battle in semi-corporal form, as tiny wisps invisible to the players but very much at the first row of the action unfolding on the map?

Of course, the viewer experience would feel much, much different with bullets flying in the finals of the Call of Duty World Championships where OpTic will be trying to get over the next few weeks.

The possibilities are quite immense. Despite the significant development of the technology, there are still hurdles ahead. For instance, even though VR sets have become vastly affordable, they are not really state-of-the-art affairs.

And still more has to be done as to the full array of games that can be accessed this way. Esports tournaments are not yet available to watch in this mode, which means that there is a market which will be filled soon enough. Some games available in VR have been even become eSports, which is a sort of a reverse engineering of what OpTic’s partnership is.

However, first, the VR sets themselves will have to improve in terms of picture quality which is the sole condition today gamers feel very strongly about when picking a stream.

OpTic – A Modest Attempt

Even though the partnership may seem as a modest step towards the future it’s a wise one. The team will benefit from interacting with its fans and more specifically – by introducing a new channel of doing so.

In the world of eSports diversity is equal to survival and it’s as important as winning trophies and titles.

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