OpTic Gaming Coins High School Esports

OpTic Gaming or the Green Wall as they are most commonly referred to by fans have decided to step up their efforts in bridging the gap between education and eSports. And the US-based eSports powerhouse is far from giving up on the ambitious projects just because it has found like-minded organization and individuals.

We Don’t Need Education by OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming have embarked on this ambitious project with a fair bit of vim and vigor. Together with its sister companies, all property of Infinite Esports & Entertainment, the team will now be partnering up with High School Esports League (HESL).

OpTic has hurried to throw in a proper monetary incentive, which will help students balance between the time they spend learning about eSports and actual study. The initial prize money for the newly-minted league is $25,000. Rumors have swirled that Allegiance, Houston Outlaws, and Obey Alliance are all in on the action or intend to be very soon.

OpTic Gaming will host their own gaming program aptly called Powered By OpTic Program which will have people compete across a number of titles, including Dota 2, CS:GO, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Gears of War, Fortnite, and PUBG. OpTic Gaming has just made a name for itself, managing to come out victorious at the recently concluded Gears of War Pro Circuit.

Teacher, Leave the Kids Alone

While OpTic’s not a true educational effort, the organization is aware of the omnipresence of eSports in high school and an initiatives that affords burgeoning talents the opportunity to hone their skills in actual action is to be appreciated. Even if no talents are found, OpTic is definitely signaling commitment.

As eSports stand, there is little incentive to see youths allocate more time without suffering backlash and socio-economical consequences. OpTic has become an eSports powerhouse for many recluses who have had to hone their skills in rather dispiriting circumstances.

With this in mind, the organization is pushing for eSports from high school. As per the High School Esports CEO, Mason Mullineoux, this age could easily be the backbone of a strong and vibrant eSports scene in the future.

A noteworthy point proffered by Mr Mullineoux is that OpTic Gaming will continuously seek to add value to the high school eSports experience.

Similar Initiatives Take Off

There have been numerous reports about eSports entering the mainstream and education. On more than one occasions, monetary incentives have been extended to eSports athletes who want to aspire to bring glory on their universities.

Fortnite battle royale scholarships have already made headlines in all major media outlet. The list of available scholarships has been swelling at a rather impressive pace. Some universities are seeking to teach eSports as a viable career option well beyond becoming an able athlete.

They intend to train commentators, managers, content creators and many other who would want to turn their beloved hobby into a viable career option. Esports has made it possible to pursue video gaming and attain academic success, and OpTic Gaming is by no means just another bring in the wall.

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