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Online iGaming is upon us and for better or for worse, there’s nothing we can do to stem its tide. However, in the United States, it’s making tangible and rather guarded steps, not willing to go too far and come into head-on clash with authorities. However, Ohio, a state that’s actively fighting addiction caused by reckless gaming, is now taking steps further with a mobile app!

The Curious Case of Ohio and the Lottery

Ohio has been one of the most vociferous critics of reckless gaming and the lack of sufficient funds for responsible gambling initiatives. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), only $76 million have been distributed nationwide in 2016 for the needs of individuals who were at risk of addiction or were already experiencing serious symptoms. Still, the state has benefited a fair bit by the increase in popularity of the industry, seeing its revenue go up.

However, Ohio is already cognizant that gamers will continue to seek ways and stake money. With this in mind, the state doesn’t intend to lead futile fights, trying to clamp down on an industry that will always find its way back and, in the process, probably cause a lot of unpleasantries for everyone.

As a result, the Ohio Lottery is stepping up its game and now offering customers to draw tickets via their mobile devices. With the introduction of Ohio’s Lottery Card last week, users may now make purchases of tickets for games such as Powerball and Mega Millions.

The cards still have to be purchased from an authorised retailer, though, including:

  • Buehler’s
  • Fresh Food
  • Giant Eagle
  • Kroger

All of these brands have been given the go-ahead to provide gamers looking to buy a ticket with the brand-new digital ticket.

About the Tickets Up Close

The cards will come as $10 and $20 vouchers that will allow you to play five and ten times respectively. However, users will have to cough up additional $0.89 in order to switch on the Mobile Play Benefits feature.

Of course, the process is not as easy as it first sounds. Users who have obtained the card, will have to text the unique number of the card to a specific number. Upon doing that, they will be asked to confirm a number of relevant information, including their age, identity, and location.

However, things are a little simpler when it comes to pay outs. Any sum below $500 will be automatically paid to a user’s PayPal account, which facilitates a lot of the red tape after the registration has been completed.

The Future Belongs to Lotteries

There has been a rather substantial push in the adoption of lottery cards as the idea behind the move is to see users be able to purchase these quicker and with less hassle in future. This is expected to boost revenue but also spare people from having to stop by physical venues and purchase the tickets.

Still, Ohio’s mobile Lottery is quite barebones. Other states have also been pushing with their own initiatives, including Illinois and Minnesota. Even though, online gambling is legal in only four states, some forms of it can already be found elsewhere by the looks of it.

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