Ohaiyo to Be Replaced by Universe in Fnatic for Dota 2’s Upcoming Roster Lock

Chong Xin ‘Ohaiyo’ Khoo, a popular player on Fnatic, is going to be replaced by Saahil ‘UNiVeRse’ Arora for the roster lock season. Ohaiyo was Fnatic’s longest serving player and he leaves the team after 3 years of playing alongside them. Ohaiyo played an impressive total of 529 matches for Fnatic and assisted in placing them third at the T16. It came as quite a surprise and many fans are upset about the news of Ohaiyo’s departure.

Many Changes to Fnatic

Fnatic had a bad start to the Dota Pro Circuit earlier last year and has been shuffling around players ever since they announced that they would be making changes to the team in early November 2017. The first major move Fnatic made to the team was benching Steve ‘Xcalibur’ Ye, and replacing him with Abed Yusop. The team did improve their results and rankings and the shift resulted in better placements in various events. Fnatic’s biggest qualifications were for Dota Summit 8, at which they placed 2nd, and very recently they qualified for ESL One Katowice Major, an event that Ohaiyo helped the team qualify for but will not be a part of.

UNiVeRse’s Journey to Fnatic

In December 2017, UNiVeRse was dropped by his previous team, Evil Geniuses, and was replaced by Rasmus ‘Misery’ Filipsen. UNiVeRse has since been waiting for a good opportunity and it appears his addition to Fnatic was it.

Because of UNiVeRse’s ranking, he boosts Fnatic’s points from 202.5 to 390 bringing them from 11thh place to 9th place. This means Fnatic is now only one place away from an automatic qualification into the T18.

Outcry for Ohaiyo

So while replacing Ohaiyo with UNiVeRse definitely seems to be a strategical move, it has left Ohaiyo’s large fan base quite distressed. Ohaiyo did publish an official statement where he thanked Fnatic for his time with them, but he removed all traces of Fnatic from his social media and even changed his cover photo to a picture of him looking disappointed alongside an array of iconic Dota heroes.

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