OGN’s Los Angeles PUBG Arena Opens on December 8

PUBG has hit a few snags, with most recently OpTic Gaming pulling out of the competitive esports scene, although investment in professional gaming continues. OGN, the South Korean network investing in North America is debuting its first esports studio and arena in Los Angeles on December 8.

OGN Opens Studio & Esports Arena in Los Angeles

Last month, South Korean media company OGN announced plans to carry out multi-million investment in the United States, hoping to popularize competitive video gaming in the country as well as reach to new audiences. This plan was accompanied with the announcement that OGN would be developing a PUBG competitive format in the country as part of its extension plans.

Now, the company is preparing the launch of its esports studio and arena on December 8. Known as the “OGN Supermatch: Alpha,” the competitive venue will determine the future course for the entire company in the country. As the first North American PUBG event edges closer, OGN will use the inaugural competitions as a litmus test for whether the game has a future in the United States as of this moment.

Some competitive outfits, such as OpTic Gaming have disbanded their PUBG rosters, citing concerns that this specific battle royale game couldn’t be a true competitive title. Amid these fears, OGN has been quite determined to embrace the segment. In 2004, the company began showing strong interest in esports, broadcasting professional StarCraft matches, a popular real-time strategy game that for many remains the defining RTS experience with Warcraft being its less skill-dependent counterpart.

OGN is not a rookie either. The company is already responsible for the productions of many high-end competitions, including in League of Legends and Overwatch. As to PUBG, OGN has already managed to test the game and production. In 2017, the company created a 100-player studio specifically tailored for the needs of battle royale competition.

While the expansion in North America is one of its main priorities, OGN will also be part of the European competitive scene where it will hold an invitational event, on top of the already announced global championship.

Starting with the first competitions, OGN is going to take things slow. The OSM: Alpha will gather 40 notable professionals and influencers who will engage in a spectacular battle, with PUBG Corp., Tencent, and OGN all following viewership metrics and comments in order to establish whether this can be a truly profitable segment. If you are interested in attending the event in person, do consider purchasing a ticket first.

PUBG has known quite a few problems recently. First, the company had to fix a slew of bugs that did it, some estimate, irreparable damage, with people leaving the game in droves and venting their frustration on public forums. The mass campaign known as “FIX PUBG” kickstarted by the developers has undone some of that, but fans had begun doubting how reliable the game’s future truly is.

Their disenchantment with the game is of course quite understandable, too. Fortnite has so far been beating PUBG in terms of engagement and flawlessness of the gameplay. The game is arguably receiving larger investments for its esports scene, too, although both games lack a clearly-defined competitive format.

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