OG Defeat PSG.LGD, Win The International 2018

Esports allow plenty of opportunity to make history. The just-concluded “The International 2018” event for the popular Warcraft-inspired and Valve-developed Dota 2 is yet another proof. Since the competition was coined back in 2011, different teams have been crowned every year as the most notable gamers in the world. With its record prize pool, The International’s 2018 edition was definitely a spectacle to behold.

OG Meets LGD.PSG for a Final Clash

And so it happened that two teams had to settle it between themselves at the final day of The International on Saturday night. Nobody really knew what to expect. OG were a rather fresh face to make it all the way to the top with PSG.LGD.

While Paris Saint-German, a France-based soccer club, has been expanding into esports only recently, LGD is an established powerhouse in the industry that has already claimed a fair number of titles in its past. However, the team has never won an International event. Instead, it has qualified within the first 5 spots on several occasions, including in 2012, 2014 and 2017.

However, the battle-hardened Chinese professionals from LGD couldn’t quite overcome the challenge that OG’s motley roster represented, losing with 2 to 3 in a Best of Five series, seeing them miss, yet another year, the grand title.

The five games that took place were a nail-biting affair with LGD applying pressure and aggressive play style rather untypical for a Chinese team.

Overview of the Games

PSG.LGD opened the series with a surprisingly aggressive play, locking down OG’s Spectre and allowing him little room to farm. The sinking income, though, didn’t dissuade Ana Pham who continued to keep his lane. The game began to even out when in the 32”, when we saw OG get their main pickoffs and follow that up with a victory in the first BO5 game.

The second game around was way more decisive. With an offlane Enchantress dominating nature and OG’s roster, Chalice started eating through the enemy’s heroes. Impetus dished out quite the damage which eventually build up PSG.LGD’s momentum, leading them to their first victory in the series.

In the third game, we saw a brilliant Phoenix play by LGD fy who took the character to the dire off lane and applied enormous pressure on the OG’s safe lane. OG soon realized that fy was the main play maker and they tried to focus him or get single pickoffs and make sure they have an edge before engaging in fights. However, smart use of crowd control (CC) mechanisms by LGD prevented them from inflicting much damage. It was LGD who took the lead in the series.

Game 4 was a fast-paced buyback-intense affair. We saw both OG and LGD dish out as much pressure as they could muster on their opponents. The back-and-forths continued, as intense as ever before, but OG finally managed to win two team battles, snapping a quick Roshan and wining Game 4.

Last came Game 5 where LGD were again on their way to dominate the early game, but OG managed to rally themselves and fight back. LGD couldn’t fight off the advancing opponents and 20 minutes after a fight near the 30” mark in bottom lane, they were defeated with OG taking $11 million with them home.

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