Objectification or Choice: Women in the Gambling Industry

Scantily clad women are often viewed as objectified by males, even in magazines and at gambling trade shows. But, is it really about objectification? Perhaps, it is about something else, and the negative views of others should not interfere with those who choose to enjoy working as a part of the gambling industry. One worker spoke out about why she enjoys the industry as a female. She wanted to point out the positive side of her job and not what the media hounds on.

Two women, Becky, and Vikki are loving their work. Vikki has been in the industry for ten years, working with Tapzia Limited. She has been provided a supporting environment, with peers and employers she enjoys working with. Vikki worked for Bingo Cams for a while too, but she has launched her bingo brands and consultancy in the business.

She was upset to see the criticism UKGC CEO Harrison and the Guardian have been giving the industry. Vikki spoke out about the reactions of others who are speaking about her trade. They are calling it sexist, and it’s not just women. Men are also saying the industry is skewed towards men, and objectifying women. Vikki responds that she would not have been in the gambling industry for ten years if it was a sexist industry.

Everyone is focusing on the wrong things when it comes to looking at the industry correctly. Women are allowed to function at a high level in the gambling industry. Vikki stated she and her spouse were trying to have a baby, which required IVF treatments. Even though she worked as a freelancer for Bingo Cams, and she should not have been supported with pay for a lot of the time, she was still given payment every month. She was able to survive financially because Bingo Cams recognized her strengths, her struggle, and her need to create a family. Even with health issues, team members supported her and helped her through everything.

Gambling Is More than It Looks

In an industry that does not have to care about their employees there seem to be examples where the casino companies do care. They are focusing on the people, male or female, ensuring they are happy in their work. There are not a lot of industries that are offering fair pair, even pay at all when someone is freelance and going through struggles. Vikki hopes her story will show that it is not a sexist industry, but one with morals.

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