Norway Medal Chart Prediction for 2018 Olympics

The winter Olympics got an early start, with skating and a few other events beginning before the Friday night opening ceremony. Already predictions are being made as to which country will dominate in the games. It is predicted that Norway is going to have the most medals. For some, Sochi seems like an eon ago, but for the athletes who have been working towards Korea, it may not be the same.

It is easy to go back and think about who made an impact in Sochi. Gus Kenworthy may not have brought medals home for the US, but he did bring a couple of stray dogs. Then Vic Wild who is American born, decided to compete under Russia, which means his gold medal is under the Russian flag, not the US.

Sochi began with heart-warming stories and now Pyeongchang, South Korea may do the same. Plenty of crucial moments are being highlighted as part of the games, and there may be some personal bests that reside in the record books for best sports history.

Norway is entering the games as the clear favorite with 11/10 odds. These numbers come from Bodog sportsbook. Norway was third in the Sochi Olympics regarding the number of medals earned; however, with Russia suffering a significant loss, Norway could become the country to beat.

Russian Background that Hurts

Several of the Russian athletes were caught doping in an attempt to get ready for the games. This has put a damper on the games for athletes who genuinely want to win because they trained and are the best against others in the world. For the Russian team members who did not dope, they cannot fly their flag. Instead, they had to find a way to compete with different banners and teams.

It helps Norway become the medal favorite, but they are not the only country that could have the most medals after the games conclude. Germany is another top contender, as are Canada and the US. Germany was sixth in the Sochi games, but now they are 2/1 odds, with the US and Canada around 15/4 and 7/1 odds, respectively.

Norway will most likely have the most medals, as well as the most gold medals according to the predictions. Germany will follow as the second country to have the most medals, including the second highest amount of gold medals. Norway is going to do the best in cross country skiing and the biathlon.
Germany is taking home a gold medal for men’s ski jump.

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