Neymar Runs Deep in Brazilian Series of Poker

Neymar may not have had a particularly successful run in this year’s World Cup, after Brazil was eliminated in the quarterfinals, but he is having plenty of luck at the poker table. In the 2018 Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP), the talented footballer has reached the final table in the high roller event.

Four Away from Chip Leader

There are just nine players left in the tournament, which started out with 288 runner, and Neymar is one of the lucky few who will be playing in the final. He and five friends entered the competition, paying $1850 per entry, and he has outlasted all of his buddies.

The real excitement began after 12 hours of play, when the field of nearly 300 players was narrowed down to just 19. During this time, Neymar was able to work his way up from 60 000 chips to just over 1.9 million and earned himself a spot at the final table. Currently, he is fourth in chips and has a fair chance of winning the top prize.

All of the players at the final table are guaranteed to walk away with over $9500, and the grand-prize winning will receive $90 000. Having been bought by Paris St Germain from Barcelona in 2017 for $259 million, Neymar certainly doesn’t need this win – but it would certainly provide him with a fantastic start to his poker career.

Neymar Is In Good Company

While it sounds outrageous that a football player would ever want to try their hand at becoming a poker pro, there are actually plenty of athletes who have gone down this path. There are sports personalities from a wide range of areas who have tried their hand at poker, some of which have been more successful than others.

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Team Pokerstars in 2015, and has helped to promote many events for the brand. While he doesn’t have any big wins under his belt, he is still a talented player who enjoys his time on the felt.

Tennis Star Rafael Nadal has also shown an interest in poker. While he has recently parted ways with Team PokerStars, he continues to play in his spare time after competing in prestigious tournaments like the EPT Prague. In fact, poker pro Fatima Moreira De Melo has taken a keen interest in Nadal, and states that he has everything to make it as a successful player.

It is always interesting to see a professional athlete give poker a try, and they are always fun to watch during live streams. We’re sure that soccer fans around the world are cheering Neymar on in the BSOP, and his win could be the beginning of a very fruitful professional poker career.

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