New Updates at the World Cup

Daily updates on the World Cup are necessary given the games are happening even as one types. The first week of action is taking off with plenty of games happening between major countries like the Russia-Egypt game. France and Australia played, and Lionel Messi was not getting fan happiness with a surprise draw with Iceland.

So, let’s take a look at what is happening. France went against Australia and won. The score was two to one. France was able to get a win with a few good openings. It happened 58 minutes into the game, when the French team was able to get through to make a goal. Matt Ryan’s goal will most likely become one of the best in history for the World Cup.

Antoine Griezmann was heading in for the goal, the defender was Josh Risdon. It looked like it might be a challenge, but then the ball moved forward at the last minute and yes, after the instant video replay for the referee it was seen as a good goal. Australia just four minutes later decided to even the score, but alas by the time the game ended with ten minutes left, a second goal went through the Australian goal person and the tie was ended.

Poland and Other Updates

Poland’s game was an edge of your seat game, with a referee snafu and a sneaky interception.

The standings for Group C are France with 3 points, Denmark with 3 points, and Australia and Peru at zero.

Argentina and Iceland had the unlucky situation of tying. Lionel Messi attempted several times to get more goals, but it was just not going to happen during the game. For those who do not know Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are often compared. Ronaldo was able to get 3 to 3 against Spain, but Messi was only able to get his team one point. It was a penalty shot that he missed when it came time to show that he might have ability. If he got the goal the team would have won.

For group D is means Croatia has three points, Argentina has one, and Iceland has one. Nigeria is at zero. Group C winners include France with 4 to 11 odds, Denmark at 9 to 2 odds, Peru at 35 to 1, and Australia is 100 to 1 odds for the win at the World Cup.

It looks pretty grim for some of the countries teams to get better odds.

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