New Platform Wagerr to Revolutionize Sports Betting

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Blockchain is changing the world of sports betting in its entirety. However, only a few companies have managed to make a real difference. Today, we take a look at a platform that has the ambitious goal of establishing a guidance for the future of sports betting by utilizing blockchain.

Channeling Blockchain to Tap into $400 Billion Market

Tech start-up Wagerr have decided to bring change to the world of sports betting. With its decentralized blockchain platform, the company has undertaken the uneasy task of improving security while allowing droves of punters to enjoy themselves and place flutters worry-free.

A quick flick at their Twitter reveals that they have been doing exceptionally well, outpacing their own expectations time and again. On 15 September, the company launched its first “Direct-Chain” betting protocol, laying the groundwork for the global network of unrestricted & reliable wagering the company has been so determinedly working on.

Presently, the solution is available on both Android and PC, which demonstrates a particular prescience on the part of Wagerr who have apparently considered that most bookmakers today like to bring their new features for the mobile segment first. The Direct-Chain comes with a 6% house edge but this is a small price to pay if Wagerr manages to keep their end of the bargain and deliver on their promises.

Wagerr does strike as a well-thought-out platform that has kept the safety & reliability of its customers uppermost in the devs’ minds, but you will still have to keep your eyes peeled, least of all because you may land a brilliant promotion. So far, everything about Wagerr checks out.

Spotless Reputation & Endorsement

Wagerr have been endorsed by one of the most respected online magazines dedicated to the iGaming and sports betting industries, to name eGaming Review (EGR). Justly called a revolutionary sports betting network.

Repeatedly throughout the article, EGR insists about the trust-based model that Wagerr has been able to achieve, providing a wealth of sports betting options carried out securely and expediently thanks to the blockchain solutions powering the entire portal.

With level of anonymity unattainable by mainstream bookmakers, Wagerr is well-position to completely re-invent the industry and turn known faces into panting laggards. Payment, the perennial prey of the average punter, has been quickly solved by the platform harnessing the full functionality of the blockchain platform.

Wagerr solves these problems by using distributed blockchain technology to execute betting contracts, escrow stakes, verify results and pay winners.

Owing to its impeccable self-regulating nature, Wagerr Directors of Operations Jason Tauriello believes that the platform makes sports betting safer than any other point in the past. More importantly, the platform offers intuitive and accessible interface and design and it adeptly overcomes any regulatory hurdle.

“Wagerr enables the whole world to bet safely on their favorite sports. We gave considerable thought to ‘tokenomics’ to optimize network value. And we are committed to a great user experience, leading to a vibrant community. Good luck and have fun!

In a similar vein, Wagerr Founder and CEO David Mah has commented about the forward-thinking that the company has demonstrated in working out a payment model that optimizes network value and specifically ‘tokenomics.’ More useful information is available readily at the operator’s own website and in their whitepaper.

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