Nevada Sportsbooks Set a New Record for Super Bowl Betting


The previous record that the sportsbooks in Nevada had for Super Bowl betting handle has been surpassed, although, its net win was at an all-time low in the last ten years. The Nevada Gaming Control Board stated earlier in the week that the licensed casinos in the state had wagers of $158.6 million on the Super Bowl. That number is $20 million higher than the previous year. The Las Vegas books were able to keep only 0.7% of that massive betting wage, equating to $1.17 million. The sportsbooks did much better last year when it garnered 7.9% of the holdings, equating to $10.9 million.

The $1.17 million is not bad when you compare it to the loss the books suffered in 2008, which was $2.5 million. Most of the major bets placed that year were winners. There were more than 5 bets for $1 million. Two of the bets for $1 million was taken by William Hill US. Nick Bogdanovich, trading director of the company, stated to VSiN that the bets put his shop at serious financial risk as the business experienced multi-million dollar losses that day, which also included a $3.2 million that Bettor X placed.

The Big Bets

Bogdanovich stated that Betto X had placed two different $1 million bets using the William Hill mobile app. David Purdum, ESPN representative, said that Wynn Resorts, CG Technology, Station Casinos and several other companies lost big money from the betting for Sunday’s game. One of the casinos that actually made money was Caesars Palace. The casino stated that it earned a seven-figure win when adamant Patriot fans placed bets on their team.

eGaming Review claimed that companies such as Kindred Group and Ladbrokes were hoping that the Eagles would win the game. Jessica Bridge, Ladbrokes representative, said, “The Eagles were friendless throughout the season, so we were cheering them on as a Patriots win would have been a bad result.”

Mayor Ethan Stremling of Maine, Portland placed a bet with the Mayor of Pennsylvania, claiming that he would shave his head if Patriots did not win. Mayor Stremling will soon be making a phone call to his colleague to arrange for the snip. The Eagles won the Super Bowl, as a result, many sportsbooks reported gargantuan loses. In the world of gambling, you cannot expect to win every time, even if you are the house.


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