Nevada Casinos Found to be Lacking Emergency Response Plans

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Security in casinos has been a bone contention for a while now owing to the mass shooting tragedies that have occurred in similar venues in the US – Las Vegas is by far the most affected by this with shootings occurring quite often. Necessary precautions are therefore natural extensions of important security measures required to ensure that such kind of occurrences are stopped.

Now, reports have arisen pertaining to nearly half of the 155 Nevada-based casinos that failed to file emergency response plans or updates that they were required to act on a decade ago. The Las Vegas Review-Journal that covered the story also reported that very many resorts in the densely developed Las Vegas Strip were using emergency plans that had not been updated since 2012. This is inclusive of the Mandalay Bay, the MGM Resorts-owned casino where a gunman shot at people from the 32nd-floor windows using high-powered rifles. A total of 58 people lost their lives during the incident with countless more sustaining injuries.

While MGM Resorts’ management declined to comment on the fact that state records were showing that a number of it’s the company’s Strip resorts had not updated their plans since 2008, the gave an official statement that suggested that the updated plans would be re-submitted to county officials on request within the just-concluded month.

Already, the Division of Emergency Management – which is overseen by the Department of Public Safety – has begun sending letters to various casinos seeking the submission of updated emergency plans.

According to former Democrat lawmaker, John Oceguera, who also happens to be a leading supporter of the legislative audit that slammed the Division of Emergency Management for failing to properly keep track of the plans, the law still applied to catastrophic events today.

“An emergency plan covers a wide variety of incidents, including active shooters,” he said. “There needs to be some teeth in the law so folks are compelled to act. A plan on a shelf is virtually useless if it’s not getting to the people who need to see it and use it.”

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