Netgear’s Nighthawk Pro Gaming Sponsors eSports

The eSports industry is exploding with sponsorships and fans. Las Vegas is building new arenas for eSports events, analysts believe the industry will hit in the billions for revenue, and many other exciting announcements have already been made.

The latest in the eSports industry with regards to sponsorships has to do with Netgear. Netgear is a well-known company for supplying routers to the average homeowner and online gamer. The company has a range of products that fit everyone’s online needs. When a person plays games, they need a router that will provide fast traffic coming and going, which is what the Netgear Nighthawk Pro XR 500 is supposed to be. It is the pro gaming hardware that is making a name for itself on the eSports circuit.

Netgear’s Nighthawk router is a part of eSports sponsorship between NRG and Netgear. NRG eSports partnered with Netgear to help sponsor the upcoming North American organization events that are part of NRG.

The sponsorship includes training, boot camps, and being a part of the Nighthawk Pro Gaming lounge.

NRG Franchise Company

Something that is worth knowing about NRG and why it is a good concept to sponsor for Netgear is how it relates to Overwatch. Overwatch League has a franchise called San Francisco Shock, which NRG owns. It is just one of the teams that will see the Netgear sponsorship. The company will also sponsor Soul Dynasty, another Overwatch League team.

Andy Miller, the owner, and CEO of NRG said they are happy to work with Netgear, who is the leading provider of networking equipment for small businesses, homes, and gamers. They are looking forward to what the collaboration can provide for both brands in the eSports industry.

Heidi Cormack is the SVP for Netgear in the global marketing department. She stated that Nighthawk Pro Gaming products are designed to ensure online gameplay is improved, and they hope to provide an edge to gamers. The partnership with NRG helps the company connect with players who want to use the gear, plus showing what they offer to the community as a whole. They are thrilled to sponsor top teams.
NRG eSports has several partners, including Events DC, Twitch, Logitech G, Opseat, Amazon’s mobile department, Republic of Gamers, Enjin Coin, and Cal eSports.

One news agency stated they are happy to see Netgear getting into eSports even more than in the past, with the new sponsorship and are happy there will be training in the gaming lounge.

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