NetEnt Needs Innovation Says, CEO Eriksson

CEO Eriksson spoke with Becky Liggero regarding NetEnt’s future and how to keep customers happy. NetEnt has been a leader in the industry for several years offering online gaming technology that continues to appeal to gamblers. They have been able to maintain quality, while also filling the demand for multi-faceted options.

NetEnt has provided major advances in a live casino, virtual reality, and blockbuster brand games. They are also pioneers in the media buying program.

NetEnt Financial Reports like 2017 show what Eriksson is thinking for the company. Eriksson also believes it is their offerings that help anchor the company and their constant innovations are what is driving NetEnt to be highly successful.

Innovation is paramount, as well as keeping the differences that NetEnt offers. Eriksson believes it is their vision of driving the iGaming market that will keep them pushing forward and ensuring customers are pleased with what is being offered. To push yourself and get the timing correct, one needs to think a year in advance.

Eriksson said the inspiration behind the new slots is coming from gambler’s interests in television shows. In February, the company will provide a brand of slots called Narcos. Narcos has a high rating on Netflix. Vikings is another popular series that will become a slot machine.

Eriksson said that movies are not just gaining attention from online gambling poker; it is also the TV series they watch. Creating Narcos is the first step towards ensuring players can enjoy their favorite TV shows while they play games. They are extremely proud to announce Vikings Netflix Series will also be a slot machine, given the 37 million people who watch it in over sixty countries.

Collaboration with NetEnt

NetEnt can collaborate with a variety of operators to provide the new products. Eriksson spoke with CEO Jesper Karrbrink at ICE 2017, who operates Mr. Greens. Their conversation stoked the fire for the Live Beyond Live concept of next-generation Live Casinos, where players can animate what they want. Thinking outside the box offers a great partnership.

Crazy ideas being passed between the two CEOs is what makes the advances in technology and keeps customers happy. Pushing the limits of technology and brainstorming, ensure there are more than thirty streams of products at a time for the online casinos. It makes the company stable and shows that NetEnt is going to have a strong future in the world of online gambling.

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