NCAA, NASCAR, NBA, and eSports—What They Have in Common

eSports is booming, and now there seems to be a thing between eSports and traditional sports. eSports versus traditional sports may become rivals and partners. According to several recent attempts, the NBA, NCAA, NASCAR, and just about any sports league abbreviation you can think of is vying for a piece of eSports. The NFL, MLB, and NHL have all announced, recently that the teams are looking at a way to get into the eSports sector.

How are they getting into the industry? Traditional sports leagues are investing in eSports teams. There are also more professional eSports teams and Collegiate eSports.

Collegiate eSports or varsity eSports is becoming more popular. Many of the professional teams are trying to create business models for success, as well as gain sponsors to fund their teams. Integrations with traditional and eSports teams are providing fan based experiences, interactive contests, and increasing ticket sales for eSports. Younger audiences are also being brought into sports, such as eSports. It does not matter the level of success or skill that is happening in the games, just that more people and fans of sports are interested in eSports.

For those who are curious, there is a breakdown of the different traditional sports and how they are integrating with eSports.

NASCAR Integration with eSports

NASCAR created a partnership with eSports Arena Drive and 704 Games. This partnership has brought NASCAR Heat Championships and Daytona to the screen for eSports during the Daytona 500 weekend. Fans who go to the weekend were able to win prizes by playing NASCAR Heat 2.

NCAA eSports and Traditional

NCAA is at the college level, and they have partnered with Horizon League to offer 313 Presents and Gamer Saloon, which provides access to Motor City Madness eSports Championships. The integration also provided two parts to NBA2K.

NBA eSports and Traditional Sports

The NBA league has a lot of questions surrounding it. There are certainly tie-ins between traditional and eSports. There are also some separations between the two. For example, there is the NBA and NBA 2K league. When it comes to NBA 2K, the full team list is not usually shown, particularly the city name, which could mean they are trying to get away from regional promotion and gain more followers. The NBA is attempting to create a situation where eSports athletes can gain a new audience as long as no one truly recognizes the region they hail from.

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