NBA Starts Betting Partnership with Supermatch in Uruguay

Sporting leagues in the United States are tipped to make a killing on signing up data partnerships with various domestic and overseas operators. In light of this expansion, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has inked a new deal with Supermatch, a Uruguay-based bookmaker.

NBA Expands in Latin America

NBA has dipped a modest toe in Uruguay, South America. The North America’s basketball association tied a partnership with local operator Supermatch, the subsidiary of the country’s national lottery.

As a result, NBA’s offer will be promoted across 6,000 betting shops across the country and both companies will seek to raise awareness making full use of their social platforms. Supermatch will benefit from using official NBA data indexes, allowing it to prepare fair wagers that add value to business and customer alike.

To make sure that the partnership goes beyond sports betting, the pair will seek to actively promote fairness of play and work together on efforts to uproot any suspicious foul play and match-fixing. Ultimately, the partnership will help fans experience NBA better than ever before.

Supermatch is the exclusive authorised gaming operator in Uruguay, and our new partnership will offer more ways for our passionate fans to connect and experience the excitement of our game – NBA Vice President Latin America Arnon de Mello

The choice of markets is indeed slightly bizarre, as the NBA hasn’t got strong ties with Uruguay in the first place, but this is just as well. The organization is trying to monetize on a recently lifted ban in the United States, which has legitimized sports betting, offering up new prospective revenue sources for all mainstream sporting bodies.

The NBA also signed up with Genius Sports, making the organization an official data partner. Genius Sports will guarantee the integrity of the displayed odds. Apart from Genius Sports, the NBA added Sportradar. Further partnerships are pursued with a recently-struck one between the NBA and La Française des Jeux (FDJ), a French gaming operator.

With the FDJ deal, NBA is officially present in Europe, poised to expand its offer and reach new fans who have a soft spot for sports betting.

The partnerships with Sportsradar and Genius Sports will allow the companies to provide NBA fans with solid odds in real time, allowing them to well-considered wager, confirmed Sportsradar US president Mattero Monteverdi, speaking to ESPN.

We see the market evolving more and more toward live betting, and having the ability of providing reliable, accurate and timely information to the is absolutely crucial. – Sportsradar’s Monteverdi

The merits of sports betting are evident. One study has suggested that the National Football League (NFL) could add $2.3 billion in terms of revenue each year that sports betting spreads across the United States.

The climate for betting is quite vibrant, whether at home or in Uruguay and beyond. In the United States, 19% of NFL fans are already betting and 31% are waiting for the activity to become fully legal. Similar extrapolations can be made for NBA, although the numbers will be smaller due to the reach of the body.

However, the NBA has a better international footprint than does the NFL, which is perceived as a purely American invention bound to stay within the confines of the country.

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