Muckleshoot and Playport Partner on a Mobile App

A busy casino floor with people playing all the time

With the gambling climate in the United States cracking up, in the best way possible, many companies are exhibiting an unprecedented derring-do. Casinos are filing for licenses, going in a head-on competition with bookies, vying for clout in all areas of gambling. This is understandable. And it’s most refreshing to see the whole sector agog, pushing for innovation. Today, one particular company has decided to test the fortunes and see how things will pan out for it.

Bringing Gambling Online to the United States

A casino property in Auburn, Washington has decided to look into ways to expand its player base and make the experience distinctly unique, something that will set the operator from its confreres milling about and waiting for an answer to the perennial query – how to make gambling work in a land where anti-gambling regulation abounds?

Well, the Muckelshoot Casino has decided to tie up a partnership with Playport Gaming System and bring a new app for the crowds. The tech solution will consist in bringing out a specific dedicated app, which will allow customers to buy games and commit real money while placing wagers.

Commendable as the bravery of the Muckleshoot Casino is, they are still aware that the law is, well, the law, and flaunting it in such a challenging way will only spell ruin for the financial enterprise later on. Therefore, all gambling done through the mobile app will have to be carried out while the individual is on the premises of the casino, making it particularly intricate.

Still, the novelty solution will help the pave the way for the time when Muckleshoot will be able to launch its app on a larger scale. Taking pains to develop it now may give the operator a head-start later on, when legislation will allow such apps to be used at the customer’s discretion form wherever they wish.

The Real Money Games Are Coming In

Of course, nobody expects gamers to be flying from and to Washington to just drop a quick wager and cash out money that’s not even enough to cover your fees. However, for the locals it may prove a hit. Besides, Muckleshoot can honestly be relying on changes in legislation to allow it to expand across the country.

The partner, Playport, has already been carrying out similar technical initiatives all throughout Mexico, making it rather easy to get a grasp of dedicated online apps in the country. Washington, though, is a dangerous place to be operating a gambling den. The laws are among the country’s strictest which could potentially turn the experience sour for the hosts. Visiting the state’s gambling commission, reveals reams of texts that need to be taken in before you even start considering such an operation.

However, the Muckleshoot Casino is owned by the Muckleshoot Indian tribe, which bestows significant advantages onto them when it comes to handling legal disputes. The United States takes a rather lax attitude to tribes running their casinos, mostly because the land they use is considered their ancestral property, which was taken by force by early colonists.

Still, chances are that the partnership between Playport and Muckleshoot is likely to yield the desired results.


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