Mr. Green will Enter eSports Business

Mr. Green will Enter eSports Business

Mr. Green announced their live casino project is doing great, and now they are sharing a new move with the gambling world. Mr. Green is a Stockholm listed company offering online gambling to regulated regions. Gaming Zone Entertainment and Mr. Green have established a join eSports venture that will bring fans entertainment, gaming possibilities, and news.

Mr. Green has the brands Mr. Green Casio and Redbet Casino. Gaming Zone Entertainment is also a Swedish company, which has been around the eSports community long enough to know what is working and how well the expansion of the industry is going to continue. We do not know a lot about the deal at this time; however, it is understood the community will be online and be available in the Fall of 2018.

Karl Mikael Cakste is the co-founder of Gaming Zone. He is going to be in the role of CEO for the venture, which has yet to gain a name. Gaming Zone has agreed to 45% stake in the company. Mr. Green will hold the majority share of 55% in the new enterprise.

Norman, the CEO for Mr. Green stated he would not be surprised if eSports becomes as large as the traditional sports industry one day. It seems that now is the time to get into a venture to make money on eSports.

Gaming Zone Entertainment

Gaming Zone is a media publisher, which is behind some of the most well-known eSports brands. The company is known for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Mixer, and Gamerz. The mixer is a Microsoft live streaming service. Gamerz is a TV show that appears on Microsoft’s Mixer.

Poker Stars and Luckbox

Among other news in the media, is PokerStars and LuckBox. Luckbox is helping PokerStars out by taking a few hundred grand off the company’s payroll. Luckbox is an eSports betting startup, which has gained David Lyons as the Director of Player Engagement. David Lyons was working for PokerStars as the Associate Director of Poker Engagement. He has jumped to the eSports startup and is leaving behind his giant salary at PokerStars to gain a new one.

Lyons will help with design and development for the player loyalty system. He will also have his hands in operations and payments. He is going to give value to Luckbox players. He is also the fourth PokerStars employee in senior management to join the eSports startup. Lars Lein, Mike Stevens, Quentin Martin, and Vadim Soloveychik are also people he will work with.


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