MotorCity Casino Sets New Jackpot Record

The biggest bad beat jackpot was awarded at Detroit’s MotorCity Casino. The tweet on the company’s Twitter page disclosed that 6 players will each take a portion of the $1.68 million cash prize. The winning team represented by a player referred to by his first name, Scott, took home his share of the check, which was $427,452. A player called Kenneth garnered $213,712 of his share, and the remaining four players took home $106,856 each.

MotorCity’s Senior Vice President of casino operations, Phil Trofibio, told MLive that jackpots of this magnitude do not occur on a daily basis. The previous record for a bad beat jackpot was $569,000. Besides setting the record at MotorCity, the gargantuan winnings set a new national record for a bad beat jackpot.

Bad beat jackpots

In August last year, the Playground Poker Club in Montreal paid US $971,000 for a bad beat jackpot and simultaneously setting the Canadian record for the biggest bad beat jackpot. The most influential player at the table took home C$460,000. The US online operator Chico Poker Network announced that it had a bad beat jackpot of $994,000. The exorbitant amount set a new record for the website. Of the six players involved at the time the jackpot struck, two players were absent from the table. Their winnings were passed onto the two players at the table, who were active.

In June last year, the Red Rock casino in Las Vegas reported a story that had a sour ending. Avi Shamir was under the impression that he had won a bad beat jackpot of $120,000 before he discovered that the casino expunged the winnings. The casino reported that it did not recognize Shamir’s winnings as Leonard Schreter, who beat Shamir’s hand, had flipped over his cards before the hand was complete.

The two players were livid by the decision of the casino, and they laid a complaint with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Last week, the Las Vegas Review Journal stated that Schreter extracted his complaint for an unbeknownst reason. Regulators have staved to make a decision until they have gathered all the facts.

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