MGM Springfield Opens Doors Next Friday

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It has been a long few years of negotiations and constructions, but the MGM Springfield resort casino is finally upon us. Scheduled to open doors on Friday, August 24, the property will bring new gambling opportunities for individuals with a flair for such products in Massachusetts.

A Look at the Facilities

The property has been meticulously planned for the largest capacity and maximum guest comfort, too. Sprawling on 2 million square feet, the heaving, glitzy and well-lit body of MGM Springfield will beckon gamblers from afar to flock to this newly-minted Mecca of entertainment. The gaming spaces themselves will be located on 125,000 sq ft, which means a generous variation of entertainment products.

Officially, visitors may enjoy as many as 2,550 slot machines and 120 tables of their favorite casino games. And yet, should MGM be successful, even further expansion is expected. As is the wont of such places, though, the gambling venues, while the focal point of interest, will be supplemented by excellent extras.

The amenities vary and they include a movie theatre equipped to blast the audience with the highest quality of picture and a 10-lane bowling alley for the guests and groups of friends who want to challenge themselves over something that is not Baccarat or a video slot machine.

A spa for those who want to wind down will also be quite readily available on the premises of the casino, and if you are into ice-skating, well there’s a dedicated venue for that as well.

Well Done MGM Resorts International

The wizzes behind the new MGM Springfield are MGM Resorts International themselves. With a long history of opening excellent properties and delivering the utmost standard of care for their guests, it’s no wonder why the future complex is expected to be a raging success. Not to mention that quite a few performers will appear on opening day.

Of course, not everything is roses when it comes to competition, though. Two other properties, namely the Foxwoods Resorts Casino and Mohegan Sun have been rather worried over the developments.

Having a brand of the stature of MGM join the fray for the most gamblers should disconcert any established operator who may have grown a wee bit used to its unchallenged supremacy.

Of course, the state is actually losing some cash as well. Put plainly, the normal cut of Massachusetts on video slot revenue is 25%, but with the arrival of fresh players, this number is slightly affected, going down a notch.

Pushing Ahead with MLife

MGM is definitely not going to leave its name do the whole work for it. Brand exposure and recognition is all very fine. Still, MGM will utilize its MLIFE program to appeal to new customers from all levels of the social stratum. By leveraging its latest initiatives MGM will quickly cast a dark shadow over the aforementioned competitors whose means to fight off competition are much narrower due to financial restrictions.

MGM is definitely meaning business, too. The estimated number of visitors is put at around six million every year. This number is of course expected to grow, too. Located within 90 minutes from Connecticut, the MGM casino will be a main competitor to other operators with similar activities.

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