MGA Reports Malta Experts Shortage

Malta, one of the world’s iGaming hubs, may be experiencing a shortage of qualified experts, a new study has revealed. As of the end of 2017, 800 positions were unfilled in the country, because of lack of technical and educational background. The MGA has now made calls to change that.

According to the Maltese iGaming regulator, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), at the end of 2017, the country saw 800 positions in the industry remain empty because of lack of qualified workforces. As a result, the MGA is now pushing for more education that specifically encourages people to pursue qualified careers in iGaming.

MGA used the Information Unit, a specific arm of the regulator that focuses on conducting studies which help the MGA and the country in general to chart a better course for the future of the industry at home and abroad. The survey revealed a significant shortage in both gaming operations and development sectors.

No qualified candidates could be found in many of the posted jobs and fields. Interestingly enough though, 33% of respondents said that they would never see themselves applying for a position which they felt unprepared for.

Meanwhile, there were 183 available positions in marketing and 135 in iGaming technology, which is perhaps the most sophisticated and demanding segment in the country. Legal and compliance, risk and fraud saw 84 free positions and estimated 67 were available in finance, payment and HR.

MGA noted that the results were surprising, provided that 70% of the jobs could be filled by people who had just left high schools and were on their way to university, meaning that the necessary skill set could have been acquired in school.

Malta, A Hub for All Things Gaming

Malta is meanwhile leading a battle to be first in everything. The companies operating in the iGaming sector are trying to capitalize on the way they handle customers while new studios and experts arrive. The country is effectively a preferred choice for anyone who wants to experiment with the sector, too, with Malta kickstarting a blockchain casino project that will spread both to land-based and online venues.

The country hosts a number of industry-related events, including the Malta Gaming Awards along with other gatherings that are directly related to the gaming sector. Most recently, Malta has been increasingly becoming a hub for getaway poker tournaments.

A shortage in qualified workers can definitely pose a problem, but it’s unlike that this is a problem that cannot be overcome rather easily, too. Malta already employees hundreds of people who have moved to the country to feed its needs for skilled iGaming experts, whether that’s developers, customer care agents, or even content creators for marketing agencies.

The country has seen a strong economic growth, no small part of which, has been backed by the iGaming sector. With MGA signaling about the problem, it will be only a matter of time before measures are taken so that Malta may fill the gap in qualified labor.

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