Men’s Hockey an Interesting Setup for the Olympics

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The USA usually determines who is going to play in the Olympics by which players return home to their country and who wants to qualify for the team based on their NHL standings. But, for 2018, things are not the same. NHL players are not going to the Olympics.

What does this mean for betting on the games? There is a lot of question and calculate regarding the betting odds for the different teams. NHL players, even those who are from other countries are not being released to play in the world games. It has left twelve teams going to the Olympics, with six who are going to make a splash.

The teams are made up primarily of retired NHL players and those who are now a part of the KHL. NHL has continued to be the epitome of the “best” players in the world, with the KHL a second-best league. Most of the players on the KHL team are new and unable to get on the NHL at the moment or retired from the NHL and still wanting to play.

The Teams to Focus On

Canada is always a country to watch. Their players are some of the best in the world, which is no surprise considering how serious Canadians are about their hockey. Canada has also won the last two gold medals at the Winter Olympics, which tells you they are the team to beat. Canada is mostly made up of KHL and AHL players, with a few NHL players who either didn’t gain career status or have retired from play.

Russian has 25 players that are from the KHL. Unfortunately, we cannot call them the Russian team since the debacle with some of their other sports members. We can refer to the team as the Olympic team who happen to be all from Russia and play in the KHL. Russia is just as serious about their hockey, so it smarts that the team cannot play under their home flag and they have not won a game in the Olympics since 2002.

Sweden is another team to look out for based on their serious gameplay and Rasmus Dahlin. This seventeen-year-old has wowed the world. When it comes time to join the NHL, he will most certainly be a part of one of the teams.

Finland, the Czech Republic, and the USA are the other three teams to watch, although the US does not have a tremendous group and they have not managed to win in over a decade.

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