MediaLive Casino Not Tied to Criminals

MediaLive is a Malta-licensed online live casino. Recently, the company has been receiving flack and they wanted to ensure that everyone knows they are not a part of the online gaming racket that Italy has targeted with raids. Malta even came under scrutiny by the Italian police for not acting quickly and to their estimation accordingly by freezing certain assets.

Malta has recently been a location for many online casinos to register and license under their regulatory system. However, Italian police are investigating how Malta seems to be like an ATM for the Italian mafia to launder money through the online casinos.

Media Live Casino is not a part of the criminal underworld being targeted by Italian police; however, the casino did admit to forgetting to pay their taxes. In November of 2017, Italian authorities made it known they would crackdown on retail betting shops that offer illegal online wagering. They stated the target was on illegal sites with computer terminals connected to Malta online gambling sites. Double Jack operation, which has tow Media Live directors, suffered from the actions of the authorities. Massimiliano and Fabio Veglianetti, two of the Media Live directors, were arrested.

When an online source for casino news published the arrest information, Media Live requested that the new source remove the reported events that connected Media Live to the supposed mafia situation.
Media Live’s, Rob Wheeler, the commercial director, had some harsh words for the new agency reporting the information so much so, he called the stories fabrications and the writer a storyteller.

Rob Wheeler wanted the articles removed and a correction written. He states the two directors were arrested for not paying the proper tax amount for the last five years. The amount of unpaid taxes amounted to 60,000 Euros. Wheeler also states none of the directors are under arrest anymore and the company is in no way related to the Mafia.

The news agency states they did not accuse Media Live for having mafia ties, just that the Chief Prosecutor of Florence provide information the site passed on. The main point is that Media Live is not part of the mafia arrests, and they want the public to understand this.

Italy Showing High Revenue

In a positive announcement, Italian online casinos posted top earnings for the first quarter. These earnings were not affected by the raids on certain Mafia and illegal casino operations where money laundering is considered an issue.

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