Maurice Hawkins Vindicated After Poker Slander

Lawsuits can be started about anything, including the Las Vegas dealer case involving Wynn and several dealers. Eve n a lawsuit against drug company Abilify is ongoing because the drug supposedly enhances gambling addiction. Maurice Hawkins is getting vindication regarding several slanderous rumors.

Maurice Hawkins has several World Series of Poker titles, but recently his reputation was called into question. Maurice Hawkins has won the World Series of Poker gold ring eleven times. He is happy that his reputation is no longer under question after being proven innocent.

When it comes to the World Series of Poker and one’s reputation, it is pretty important to keep it intact. Maurice Hawkins was able to win his lawsuit recently regarding an issue.

In July of 2017, Jim Rosica of a Florida newspaper published a story, after interviewing a Tallahassee attorney by the name of Hal Lewis. The story stated that Hawkins swindled the lawyer. The sum $22.788. Lewis was supposedly Hawkins’ backer, who decided to sue him, do to misappropriated funds. Lewis said a bunch of text messages were sent by Hawkins proving that the money was lost during a gambling situation in a tournament. Several online entities ran with the story. There was a forum that made damaging allegations against Hawkins reputation.

Rosica, the reporter attempted to speak with Hawkins about the matter, and his response was “Do I get a court date?”

Instead of standing trial in the public sphere with a rebuttal in the paper, Hawkins went to court. Under oath, Hal Lewis stated that Maurice and he had a successful relationship, in which the lawyer gained winnings from Hawkins since he helped stake him during gambling games. He stated he did nothing wrong in his professional capacity as a pro poker player. Hawkins also did nothing against the various agreements made between the two men.

Hawkins gained over $3.1 million in live poker tournaments, as well as six figures from the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour events he was in. Lewis stated he never slandered Hawkins to any reporter or website. He has gone through several sites where someone is using his name to create offensive publications, but it is easily proven that Lewis was not behind them. Both Lewis and Hawkins have satisfactorily ended their relationship, since Hawkins no longer needs to be staked, and they still have a good relationship. Hawkins has let all media resources understand this situation and that he reputation should not be tarnished.

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