Matt Savage Wants in on Poker Hall of Fame

It might be time to check the predictions for the World Series of Poker 2018 tournaments. Is everyone winning that we thought would? Are some of the top players going to the rail too early? Poker is never a predictable game given that it depends on a person and the cards they are dealt. Matt Savage is one person who has been in the poker scene for twenty-five years. He has been a poker dealer, director, and poker player. Now, he is up for a poker hall of fame nomination.

Matt Savage would like nothing more to get into the hall of fame for poker and is turning to media to support his nomination. He went onto Facebook last week to ask for his poker friends to help. Savage has been nominated four times but has never been inducted. He states he would appreciate the votes. He used the excuse of turning 50 as one reason for really wanting to be inducted into the hall of fame.

One response thought Savage should have been inducted the first nomination. Another said that no one has done as much in the industry as Savage and if they can find a better candidate he or she dares them to show that person.

Matt Savage meets the requirements for being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. Not only for his director role, but for all his other contributions. Non-players who show growth and success in helping the game, with positive results are nominated and can be added to the Poker Hall of Fame. Matt Savage’s accomplishments fit the criteria, even more than Edmund Hoyle who was added in 1979. If inducted, his name would be among David Ulliott and Phil Ivey who are the more recent additions to the list.

Catching up on WSOP News

Players are winning at the current WSOP like Ognyan Dimov. Dimov is just one of the recent players who is vying for more wins during the World Series of Poker. Players are more likely to be added to the Hall of Fame, particularly when they secure multiple bracelets like Phil Ivey.

Keeping up with the current winners and nominations for the Poker Hall of Fame, helps one understand who may be inducted next. Matt Savage has been nominated four times but has yet to win the induction. It may be his year, and certainly many on social media think it should be.

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