Matchday 4 and the EPL

The English Premier League (EPL)’s 2018/2019 season is carrying on at full blast. Much has transpired. The Tottenham Hotspur lost to Watford and Manchester United finally got back on track by routing Burnley with 2-0. The fluctuations in the League continue, though, and the only immutable point of reference seems to be Liverpool who haven’t lost a single game

What We Know about the EPL after Day 4

We have covered Manchester United’s recent misfortunes in detail and noted that the club’s manager, Jose Mourinho, had handled the situation less than graciously. However, Mourinho has nothing to be ashamed of, following the victory over Burnley with 2-0 going in favor of the Red Devils. The team owes much to Romelu Lukakun who managed to score the points and settle the score.

Meanwhile, another team that had been in hot water, Arsenal, managed to overcome their opponents from Cardiff City with a total score of 3-2. Even though Arsenal defeated Cardiff in a game that has definitely been exciting for the fans, the team has apparently failed to address the issues that have been persisting.

Conceding two points to Cardiff City, even though the team is far from the group’s weakest opponent, is tantamount to a loss, some have pointed out. If Arsenal is ever to compete for the big title, especially against the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea, the team will have to come up with quick and reliable solutions how to counter the enemy’s offensive – something that has been eluding it.

Arsenal will have to revise its defense before it goes up against a top-tier team again, although the same could be applied to Manchester United. And yet, the Red Devils are hardly conceding as many points in their own goal as are The Gunners.

Looking at the Underdogs

Looking at the other matches in the League, we ought to check out the derby that took place between Leicester City and Liverpool. Nobody doubted that the match would go in favor of Liverpool. However, Leicester did manage to fight back and score in the 63”, making sure that the 2-0 headway Liverpool had had since before halftime was mitigated a notch.

And yet, Liverpool managed to keep their dominance by dominating the field and controlling the ball without leaving Leicester much of a wiggle room. Meanwhile, Chelsea pulled off another excellent victory against the team of Bournemouth with 2 points going in the way of the blues who kept their record spotless, leaving no opportunity to Bournemouth to score in their own goalie. Overall, Matchday 4 was quite the affair. It brought both joy and disappointment, and it highlighted what teams need to be addressing to stay competitive and successful.

Matchday results can be found here:

  • Leicester City 1 – 2 Liverpool
  • Brighton & Hove Albion FC 2 – 2 Fulham FC
  • Chelsea 2 – 0 AFC Bournemouth
  • Crystal Palace 0 – 2 Southampton FC
  • Everton 1 – 1 Huddersfield Town
  • West Ham United 0 – 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Manchester City 2 – 1 Newcastle United
  • Cardiff City 2 – 3 Arsenal
  • Burnley 0 – 2 Manchester United
  • Watford FC 2 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur.

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