Mark Buckley Leads into EPT Barcelona Day 4

The EPT Barcelona Main Event carries on. Mark Buckley is now slated to make it big in the tournament as he has the lead and the final number of players has been reduced to 56. Here’s what we can expect and what has happened so far

Buckley at the Helm, Batten Down the Hatches

The PokerStars European poker Tour Barcelona Main Event has shed a lot of blood. Only 56 people are left standing and Mark Buckley is among them. In fact, he’s comfortably posed at the front of the pack and is even Tweeting leisurely about his successes.

Such is the life of a professional, and especially one that is slated to dominate the tournament and walk away with a rather substantial prize pool. If anyone’s got reason to be happy, that’s certainly Mr. Buckley. He’s got 2,650,000 chips as he came out of Day 3.

But Buckley will definitely have to fight off the competition. Consider Brazilian Fabiano Kovalski who’s inching closer to Buckley with 2.530,000 total chips and Matthias Tikerpe who’s got 2,325,000 chips to his name. Buckley’s fortunes may be turned around very quickly indeed and caution is advised.

More talent is visible at the event, including Bulgarian Ognyan Dimov with 1,730,000 who is also an EPT champion. Dimov’s life-long winnings are still not as significant as a top player’s should be, but with $600,000 in total earnings, he still has quite a bit of way to go.

The Big Names Continue in the Tournament

Buckley may indeed feel rather comfortable with his lead, but he should be prepared to handle the likes of Jaime Staples, Kalidou Sow, and John Juanda, who are still all in the game and rather adamant about their ultimate goal.

Buckley, though, is a considerate player and he’s likely to accept any challenge, though with the utmost caution. In fact, Dimov and Victor Chong were both chip leaders before Buckley managed to fight back a leadership position for himself.

In anticipation of today’s event, we will likely see the majority of these players being reduced to a final table of 9 players who will battle it out between themselves. Buckley and Dimov are likely to make the final cut, even though such competitions are difficult to predict, mostly because the chip leaders will often fall out of their spots and be relegated to the bottom of the rank list.

Even though luck has little say in poker in general, stiff competition will always impede even the best from reaching the coveted title, and we have seen strong players win more often than established names.

EPT Barcelona’s Success Guaranteed by Poker Stars

PokerStars have been doing their absolute best to provide players with an event that they can enjoy in earnest and benefit form. The popular tournament host have been a genuine globe-trotter with multiple events held across the world. Bolstering participation in every corner of the globe is important for poker’s raising popularity. As long as EPT Barcelona and similar events are ongoing, things are looking up.

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