March Madness and Poker

March Madness is a time of celebrating, watching basketball, and gambling. The annual series for NCAA men’s basketball is considered one of the most watched tournaments on TV. It is no wonder that it is also a time when plenty of people turn to gambling, particularly, on the odds of which teams will win. But, something new is on the horizon with poker and March Madness. There is a March Madness Poker Tournament.

Matt Berkey is hosting a single-elimination poker tournament in Las Vegas. Berkey is the operator of Solve for Why Academy, a poker training website. The tournament began March 12 and ended March 14. The tournament had sixteen pros going face to face in a showdown of poker madness.

Berkey set the event winnings to go to Raising for Effective Giving and a Prize Pool. The proceeds are divided 50/50. The people who showed up to play are no strangers to poker, and if you follow the games, then you would recognize Jordan Young, Mike Del Vecchio, Jess Sylvia, and Katie Stone as some of the top poker participants.

The entry for the game was set at $1,000. During the game’s commentary was made by Jason Somerville and Chris Soto of Twitch. The head to head battles allowed the public to become involved. In fact, on Berkey’s website players could turn in their predictions for the winners of each match. Prizes were given to those who won. There was even a package to the Run it Up Reno Tournament happening on March 23, 2018.

For those who donated to Raising for Effective Giving Charity, they were put in a drawing for more prizes. One of the prizes was a Joe Montana football jersey.

Charity Event Too

Berkey wanted the event to be for charity too, which is why he hoped to gain at least $8,000 for the charity. He also wanted to bring poker and March Madness together to get more interest in the charity. All the money being raised for the charity is matched up to $10,000 by Dan Shak, who is a semi-pro poker player in high-stakes games.

Berkey’s website is a place for players to get coaching to improve their games. It is the only type of training website out there to help players with their game, with real-time analytics and poker strategy help. The site offers variance, bankroll management, game techniques, and accounting tips to help players enjoy the game and not become addicted to losing money.

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