Marathonbet to Relaunch Russian Site

Can Natalia Zavodnik take credit for Marathonbet’s reintroduction? Last year, Zavodnik was able to take some credit for Marathonbet’s popularity in Russia, but she is probably not the reason for its recent ability to break back into the Russian market. Marathonbet is relaunching as a Russian site, which had to stop operations in early 2018.

In fact, the recent media posts do not mention Zavodnik at all, but she was around for its initial launch in July 2017. In February the site stated they would shut down due to technical reasons. However, the company finally admitted they needed to get the license renewed. It was due to a change in their processing center.

Another piece of news that is helping the gaming industry in Russia beyond the reintroduction of Marathonbet is gambling law changes. Russia is helping with online gambling registration. Russia has decided to make it easier for websites to launch with Russian based sites. It is also the reason Bwin was able to launch in November.

There are still specific restrictions, such as who can sign up for accounts, but overall Russia is making it easier for online gaming sites to branch out, establish a business in Russia, and pay some taxes to host websites for Russian speaking players.

GVC Holdings teamed up with Digital Betting LLC to launch They have using social media branding to get the name out there. Alexander Mamut, a Russian billionaire own digital Betting. He also has his hands in Championat, the sports theme portal. Russian celebrities are helping with the social media marketing regime, at least three of them are on board helping. They are promoting the brand online and helping with the registration.

Aleksandr Revva is credited with boosting registration by 102 percent, while Olga Seryabkina helped give it 115 percent of a boost. With land-based and online casinos, Russia is making a profit from gambling.

Large Shopping Center and Gambling

A new shopping center may bring people to land-based casinos versus online sites like Marathonbet. The most significant shopping center to be constructed is going to be placed in a gambling zone. Experts believe it will be another draw to getting Russians and tourists out of their house and into the gambling zone. The question remains whether it will have a significant impact on online sites, which are suffering some regulatory troubles. One will have to wait and see what the answer will be.

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