Manchester United’s Disastrous Brush with Manchester

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Manchester United are not going to be the next English Premier League (EPL) champions. A rocky start to their first game followed by a hard-earned victory and then routing by Tottenham are reasons enough to reach this conclusion. However, the FC manager Jose Mourinho may be in hot water with fans over the latest drubbing Manchester United took from Tottenham

Tottenham Three Points Later

The game seemed to be going somewhat normally. On Monday, August 27 the teams of Manchester United and Tottenham met, hoping that they will advance. Even though Manchester City were the age-old favorites, their game in the weeks and months leading up to this game hadn’t been convincing enough and even though bookies backed them, Tottenham ultimately dashed the hopes of fans and betting agencies.

Things started going downhill after Harry Kane, England’s most prominent striker, opened the score in the 50th minute. His goal, though, wasn’t the only success Tottenham had on Manchester United this day.

Manchester City’s woes, though, are beginning to pile on. The team is already relegated to 13th spot in the overall ranking. They have only won one of their first three games and they are far behind the leaders in the group, including Liverpool, Tottenham, and Manchester City.

Mourinho in the Gun

Mourinho had to undergo quite the lambasting online, too. Following his short press conference after the defeat, the manager pointed out that he had alone won more EPL than 19 other managers put together. His remarks though seemed out of place given the latest developments.

As Mourinho refused to give reasons why Manchester City had lost, fans went onto social media blaming the trainer for refusing to sign new footballers during the transfer season. This, fans estimated, put Manchester City at a significant disadvantage compared to the leaders in the group who have been trading and adding footballers at unprecedented pace.

As BBC continued to ponder whether there would be “trouble ahead,” everyone already knew that the Red Devils will have a rotten time at it. With their footballers aging and apparently the excitement and enthusiasm sapped out of the team, there seems to be little the demoralized team can do.

The tantrum of their manager who is defending his honor and legacy are also in stark contrast with what is needed right now. Rather than focusing on the result and conceding defeat, Mourinho seemed to be caught in a battle of his own making and one he certainly couldn’t expect to win.

Why the Lack of Fresh Blood?

Looking back, Manchester United had refused to sign any new footballers, because Mourinho had expressed certainty that his team would be quite capable to compete with the known leaders. And yet, it wasn’t. The pre-season games, when a lot of footballers were away to the World Cup, should have been indication enough. Even Tottenham had to give up Kane who was the star of the English team at the World Cup.

Things have turned out quite different and if anything, Mourinho regrets at least one decision he has made in the recent past. Even though he won’t talk about it to the cameras.

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