Manchester United vs Tottenham Is Kicking Off on Monday

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The English Premier League (EPL) beats on. There have been many unexpected outcomes and quite a few drubbings. But be that as it may, teams are ever so determined to make sure that their plays count. As the competitions carries on, so do bookmakers continually try to determined the probable outcome of the imminent matches.

Manchester United Meets Spurs

Calling the outcome of this game may be a bit of a challenge indeed. The Red Devils have been caught in a bit of a bind. Their game flagged in the pre-season and even though they managed to overcome Leicester at the beginning of the season, nothing promises them success in the future.

Under Alex Ferguson, the team wasn’t crumbling and Man United knew how to handle a rising team such as Tottenham. With the upcoming match between the outfits, though, nothing is carved in stone. Tottenham have reinvented themselves into a powerful challenger that merits respect.

The Red Devils are somewhat confident, although, they currently rank number 9 in the overall EPL standing, which 4 positions behind their opponents from Tottenham. Tottenham may have been a less known enemy in the past, but today they have shaped up to be a strong team, contesting for the top spots in the EPL. The Red Devils, drawing from their expertise in the game, should recognize a leader in the making when they see one.

Looking at the Odds

The odds are not too dispiriting, but even then, a savvy punter will consider them carefully:

  • Manchester United – 6/4
  • Tottenham – 9/5
  • Draw – 9/4

In case you have forgotten how the odds work, the right figure means how much you need to stake to gain the sum on the left. So, based on the odds, Tottenham are less likely to win against Manchester, and yet the team is a whole point ahead, which means that they will be coming into the match on Monday far more confident.

Even conceding a lead to Manchester United wouldn’t be much of a trouble to Tottenham in the opening minutes. However, they will have the uneasy task to stop the Red Devils and not allow them to set the rhythm of the game, turning the match into a one-sided affair.

On the other hand, Manchester United must treat Tottenham as a serious opponent, not least of all because the Spurs are already ahead in the competition. Any failure to take the threat serious would cost Manchester United another loss or draw, which will not be enough for them to catch up to Liverpool, Chelsea or Manchester City. Meanwhile, Tottenham is also trying to potentially close a deal on one of its footballers with PSG.

Chasing the Leaders

Manchester United is far from catching up to the top three teams. If Tottenham is successful, though, they will have a brilliant chance to make it against any of the house names currently at the helm of the group.

Of course, meeting Chelsea, Man City or Liverpool is not exactly ideal, but it’s the shot of making a name for oneself that every team in the EPL wants to pursue in order to establish itself.

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