Manchester City’s Rout over Huddersfield in EPL

To say that it was unexpected, wouldn’t be fair. When Manchester City took on Huddersfield, nobody really thought the absolutely underdog would have much to do than concede a respectable defeat. But Manchester City had other plans for the outcome of the match, and we saw the teal team completely rout Huddersfield in the most spirit-crushing way we have witnessed since the beginning of EPL.

A Recap of the Crash

Some will say that balance in the English premier League (EPL) is not really a main concern of the hosts, and they won’t be awfully far from the mark. We have seen a lot of football action in our day, but the game that took place on Sunday completely dashed Huddersfield’s hopes of a future among the big fish. And it was largely due to Manchester City who demonstrated superb play and systematically dismantled their opponents’ defenses.

And that’s not surprising. With 6 points in their favor, the teal team completely obliterated the humble Huddersfield who managed to fight back with a single point in the goalie of the dominating opponent scored by Jon Gorenc Stankovic in the 43′.

A courtesy that Manchester City reciprocated on 6 occasions. The score was opened by Sergio Agüero in the 25′. But that was not going to be the only point in the match, of course. After 25 minutes of Huddersfield successfully staving off attacks and Manchester City patiently prodding the defenses, both teams became cognizant of a plain fact – Huddersfield couldn’t hold out much longer and Man City had just found how to penetrate the goalie field.

What followed was six goals. After Agüero, Gabriel Jesus managed to leave his mark on the goal in the 31′. David Silva swooped in for the fourth point in the match, reciprocating Stankovic’s goal, and put the overall score at 4-1.

But that was far from over, because Agüero came for a decisive hat-trick in the 75′, having the fans completely enthralled by the smooth victory that seemed to be at hand. Still smarting from the previous 5 points, Huddersfield it was over, but Manchester City would not let them get off the hook so easily, and the crowd saw another goal in favor of City in the 84′ and setting the final score.

The League’s Upside Down

The EPL has definitely been rather contentious. Some of the best teams have crumbled to the bottom of the table, with Arsenal now constituting one of the worst teams in the competition whereas Manchester United are struggling with a middling performance.

Both Manchester United and Arsenal have shown some problems with their play. Arsenal has undergone a change in leadership which has dissuaded fans and perhaps even the team that excellent play can be demonstrated in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, Manchester United had a poor pre-season which may have taken a toll on the tam’s morale. And yet, the EPL continues. Despite the rout, Huddersfield still has games ahead of them which they would want to win. They sure hope, though, not to meet Manchester City any time soon.

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