Mammoth Poker Festival Sponsored by PokerStars

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PokerStars pulled out of Washington state due to legality issues, but that has not affected their strength as a company. PokerStars will sponsor the Mammoth Poker Festival event, which will help the company bring in new revenue and help it continue to be a strong online poker site.

The Mammoth Poker Festival is a land-based game at Bonnington Hotel. The hotel is in Dublin, Ireland. The festival begins May 29 and ends June 4th, 2018. With PokerStars sponsoring the event it is going to be one of the largest events of the year, according to sources.

PokerStars will provide a $30,000 Platinum Pass for the Main Event and High Roller Event. The Mammoth Poker Festival is in its second year. The event will have about a dozen tournaments players can participate in, such as the 150,000 euro Guaranteed Main Event, which requires 120 euro to enter. There is also the 50k euro Guaranteed High Roller event with a 500 euro buy-in.

Lee Egan was the first person to win the Main Event in June 2017. 1,468 people were vying for the win, and he was able to get 15,250 euro. The final seven people to finish the event all went home with 10k euros.

2018s Buy-in Details

The main event will still have the same buy-in, but this time the prize pool is higher. The platinum pass will allow the winner to play in the PokerStars event. Everyday events are starting with the first one at a 7 pm local time on Tuesday, May 29, 2018. The first tournament is an 80 euro buy-in with a guarantee of 10k euro for the win. It is known as the warm-up game, where everyone starts with 20,000 in chips. The clock will run for 20 minutes. All the events have a time limit. The Mammoth Main Event will have a hyper turbo clock for day one, in which everyone needs to get the most chips in 10 minutes, with a starting amount of 25,000. The second day the clock will be on for 40 minutes.

The final day will offer the high roller for thirty minutes. The main event has a third and final day with the clock running 50 minutes. The Mammoth Tournament is just one of many events taking place in Europe for 2018.

Plenty of tournaments and festivals are available for poker players whether they enjoy live casino games or playing online.

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